If Haribo made Dragons..

They’d look like this:

So I’ve finally got around to finishing up my Netherwing reputation, it’s only taken me the better part of three expansions but I got there in the end. Pre-account wide mounts I wasn’t particularly interested in the jelly dragons because I didn’t see any of my characters ever using them. The idea of everything being shared changed my mind slightly because I can see my little Gnomish warrior flying about on one.

Despite doing it very slowly, I think the Netherwing grind is the perfect example of how non dungeon related reputation should work.

You start with a quest chain which introduces you to the faction and sets the scene. We learn about these poor mistreated dragons who are falling from the sky exhausted and progress from there. The chain then cumulates in what was a fairly tough group encounter, the demise of  Zuluhed the Whacked. I seem to remember helping an awful lot of people kill him in one of those little rooms off his courtyard.

Once you hit neutral, you have dailies to contend with but with each new level of reputation reached, you get more dailies to complete. There is also a good mix of quests from the Booterang which always makes me smile to the Deadliest Trap ever laid as well as one off quests mixed in. For example you have to make your own booterang before you can start throwing it at lazy peons which is a wonderful touch. Most importantly though I love the fact that you can supplement your daily rep gain by farming eggs as well as doing dailies. I wish all reputations followed the same pattern, offering you a choice of dailies or the ability to farm a specific item or a combination of both.

You also get disguises, okay it only works in a couple of specific zones in Shadowmoon Valley but disguises are always good. Then there are the trinkets which summon a whelping to fight with you, despite their bag space consumption, things like this are always useful to have.

Finally, hitting exalted isn’t the end. You get to have a meeting with the big bad guy, in this particular case Illidan who of course sees straight through our Orc disguise and is less than impressed. (Fascinating how when these bad guys project themselves places, they are always bigger than when you meet them face to face).

Although he does a great line in name calling,

This might become my go to response next time someone tries to explain away the fact that they ignored the healer/flag or anything else of crucial importance in PvP.

You get rescued by a Dragon pretending to be  Goblin which wraps up his “interest” in any Netherwing eggs you happen to find lying around nicely and flown off to bond with a sweetie coloured drake. The fact that you can then buy the other five drakes you didn’t pick is just icing on the lollipop.

It might be a reputation grind but it’s well paced enough to distract you with it’s various quests, items and rewards.

8 Responses

  1. Hey Congrats. I hated that rep grind but it felt so good to get it done, esp with the auto flight to Shatt 🙂

    • Ty.
      The slowest flight ever to Shattrah you mean :p

      I might still go back and throw things at lazy peons every now and then but mostly I’m glad it’s over.

  2. That was one of the least painful rep grinds for me. There was enough variety that it seemed to go quickly, I think the Booterang quest helped too. May your warrior enjoy it!

    • Ty, she will. She particularly likes the blue one cos it goes with her lightsaber 😀

      Throwing stuff at orcs never gets old.

  3. Grats Erinys! It wasn’t ALL bad… at least the competition now is less! At the time it was current it was fighting for eggs and mobs and it would take ages… I liked the booterang quest though. And I seem to recall something vaguely fun about the flying race one. Though my memory is getting cloudy now…

    • I think that’s partly why I stopped, having to kill people to get eggs (so glad they made it so you can’t loot them in combat), lots of pvp in the mine and hating shadowmoon valley all contributed.

      I’d have loved it if the races had been dailies, definitely hopeful for the dragon quests in MoP.

  4. You’re right, looking back the Netherwing rep was one of the best non-dungeon grind, quite different than the Argent Tournament grind

    • I hated the Argent model, still working on the last couple of mounts and heartily sick of it. Just glad that I can supplement the tokens by 2 manning the heroic.

      Also working on Oracle rep at the moment and being limited to 1700 a day is annoying. I’d much prefer being able to hand in crystals or something to boost it.

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