BETA: There is something terrible in the Turnip Patch

This little chap to be precise, the terrible Turnip mini-pet.

So how do you farm him up?

When you start work on your Tillers farm, (which by the way you can currently do at lev 85)  you can ask Jogu the Drunk for crop related tips. I followed his advice and the next morning when I was harvesting my carrots, I got this “interesting” looking seedling from amongst my crop.

Once planted, it turned into a spiky looking plant and the following morning, I found this:

I tried again on another character and didn’t get an ominous seed however the advice I got that day was to plant witchberries so I’m thinking it’s either got to be a root vegetable like carrots (what I originally planted on Sprout) or it’s just a random chance to get. Either way, starting off your Tillers rep and also growing lots of ingredients for cooking as soon as possible is probably a good idea. My advice today was to plant carrots again, so hopefully there will be a seed awaiting my Monk tomorrow.

So far the only idle animation he has is a sort of roar, where he throws his little leafy arms up into the air but when you pull him out, he leaps out of the ground rather adorably.

All in all, another reason to play around with the Tillers.

16 Responses

  1. Oh, how cute and terrible at the same time! 😀

    • I thought nothing could surpass the Sinister Squashling when it came to cute vegetables but I was wrong!

  2. I am so excited about Mists and news like this doesn’t help! 😉

  3. That’s really cute! I’ve sort of been doing the dailies out there but haven’t done any of the planting stuff yet. Trying leave it a surprise but it’s still over a month to go so who knows 😛

    • I tried to resist but temptation got too much in the end. Actually it’s mostly your fault :p

      You kept posting stuff about the pet battles so I ended up patching my beta and play around with the tillers and with pet battles.

  4. He seems a perfect companion for fearsome Sprout!

    • Yes! If you don’t eat your vegetables (or maybe if you) Sprout and her terrible turnip with come along and eat you!

  5. SQUEEEEEE I am so excited for this little guy :3

    • At the moment as soon as I land in Pandaria I intend kicking off the Tillers quests in the hope of getting him as soon as possible. Fingers crossed they don’t stick a lev 90 restriction on the quests when it goes live.

  6. Awwwwww that little guy is absolutely adorable! ^-^

    • I think Blizzard have really outdone themselves with the mini-pets in MoP, if only I enjoyed pet battling more.

  7. Oh oh oh! I can’t WAIT to collect the MoP pets. There are so many I know I will be occupied. I think this expansion will be great. It has raids, pretty gear, and a TON of other stuff to do when not raiding, which is really what I’m looking forward to. I need something relaxing that I can pop in and do for 20-30 minutes a night on off-nights without wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule.

    Thank you so much for documenting your Tiller adventures!

    • I’m actually really surprised that I’ve been enjoying it. When I first read about the whole concept I was rather sceptical.

      I think that MoP will certainly tick all the boxes in terms of things to do.

  8. Oh, I want this. You will be mine, turnip!

  9. […] and I harvested my first set of crops today (trying to get the turnip pet that Erinys wrote about a while ago. But that stubborn weed was such an understatement. I hear it […]

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