Blue and White: Frozen Delight

I’ve been looking for an outfit for my Mage’s frost spec for a quite a while now. I keep finding items that I love by themselves but just don’t seem to work when slotted into an outfit.

Then I picked up that new robe from the Scarlet Monastery and had the beginnings of an idea.

This was followed by a touch of experimenting with the new version of MogIt, which proved my suspicions about a certain hat, shoulders and belt correct.

Then, flicking forward into the MoP section of MogIt I came across this amazing looking weapon. It just seemed to tie the whole outfit together and with it’s huge globe of water on the end, it’s the perfect choice for a Frost Mage.

The weapon will definitely have to be a work in progress but then there are plenty of other off-hand/main hand and staves which would fit the bill in the mean time.



13 Responses

  1. I am mesmerized by that staff…must have it….must have it now…!
    That is an incredible ensemble – brava!

    • Thanks. If only Blizzard fixed the stat distribution so I could stop feeling guilty about using staves rather than one hands.

  2. That is an awesome ROBE!!!

  3. Very nice 🙂

  4. That is beautiful! She looks so frosty and elegant!

    • It’s lucky really that an evening’s pvp doesn’t take it’s toll on our characters. I imagine that after five hours slaughtering stuff in AV, she’d actually look rather different :p

  5. Love the robe!
    That staff I must have!!!

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