The Darkmoon Dolly

My fascination for the Darkmoon Faire is well known and documented. Even though I don’t particularly need anything from it’s stalls any more, I still venture there every month to wander around soaking up the creepiness. One of my favourite items has to be these dolls and if Blizzard ever added one as a mini pet which levitated around after you my happiness would be complete. As I’m not convinced that will ever happen, I thought I’d have a go at making a version of my own.

One quick doodle later, I was ready to go.

I was a little concerned as to how I would manage to make her bonnet look three dimensional but so far so good.

She then had a brief stint as a hand puppet. Oh the indignity!

Before finally finding her hat:

There is a spring lurking underneath her but it’s rather hard to make out in the picture. Should I make her a sister at some point there are a few things I would do differently, mostly to do with her face shape but all in all I’m rather happy with the way she’s turned out. I’m going to call her Olimpia as a reference to one of those horrible tales which helped frame my childhood. There is definitely something of the uncanny about this particular doll.

Next on the creative list is to finally get around to making a cushion sized version of this:

So whenever a Druid annoys me, I can jump up and down a cuddly representation of one.

On the subject of crafting things, you should also check out Veroicone’s WoW charms. I particularly love the boomkins.

28 Responses

  1. You should be justifiably proud of that, it is a very faithful reproduction of the original 😀 Keep up the crafting! 😀

  2. Omg, that’s awesome. You’ve got some talent girl! 🙂

  3. OMG I absolutely LOVE it! I am a WoW player myself plus I sew but never thought of making something like this. You are just awesome!

    • Thanks. I’ve mostly made cushions and the like before but have bucket loads of felt lying around and just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

  4. Oh, Erinys, that is fantastic!

    Your treant is still all kinds of awesome, too 😀

  5. Wow. Amazing. Love them 🙂

  6. /smacks it with the hammer
    Looks great with the flower pot barrel 😀

    • I tried a variety of pots before deciding it could go in a flower pot, in fact I think that was the hardest bit :p

  7. Oh, I love me some crafty-girls! That is fantastic! I tried to make some jewelry based on what I thought the necklaces would look like in Azeroth, and I must admit have turned a few heads with one that is chunky, black, and clacks like bones. The creativity spawned from Azeroth is almost more fun than the game!

    • I think that’s one of the reasons I love WoW so much. Without it, I would never have found the impetus to start blogging and it’s influenced quite a few of my crafty projects. I even have a few rough sketches of a possible plushie Gruul influenced by some random conversation on twitter.

      Then of course there is my desire to make some Gnomes and maybe a Harpy. The Gnomes would be cuddly of course but the Harpy less so, papier mache stands out but not 100 percent sure.

  8. Wow that is cool! It’s great to see the wacky doll design look just as wacky irl 😀

  9. The dolly is SO cute! Wish I could sew 😛 And thank you for linking my charms 😀

  10. That is wonderful! Finally that tree has some company from Azeroth!

    • Yes, although given that the Doll is from the Darkmoon Faire she might decide to turn the tree into a barrel or something 😦

  11. That is absolutely fantastic. I love it. If only I had the talent required to be so crafty.

    • Thanks.

      On the topic of talent, I’m going to quote my old art teacher, “talent is only a faction of what makes an artist, the rest is practise and having the belief to draw the first line”. Although he did throw a brick at me when I told him that instead of actually painting* something, my project was a piece of modern art, more specifically three bricks liberated from a building site on my way to school.

      *I did have an actual painting tucked away.

  12. That is so neat! It’s amazing how true to its in-game counterpart you’ve made it look.

  13. I love what you’ve done.

    Of course, now I’m seeing the need for Gnoll and Hogger puppets and my 3×3 garden will be complete!

    • Thanks 🙂

      I have to admit I have a couple of close up screenshots of both Hogger and the Gnoll for possible pattern making.

  14. […] in the process of figuring out a pattern to turn him into a plushie so he can sit next to my Darkmoon Dolly planning dark and evil things, possibly involving […]

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