Theramore: The Aftermath

99 red balloons
Floating in the summer sky
Panic bells it’s red alert
There’s something here from somewhere else
The war machine springs to life
Opens up one eager eye
Focusing it on the sky as 99 red balloons go by

From ’99 Luftballons

Much has already been written about Theramore and I suspect the deluge is far from over.

Scenarios: In principle I love the concept of scenarios, quick little bites which you and two others can run through picking up shinies and having fun and when looked at purely in that light, Theramore is fine. You kill some Orcs, blow up a few ships and help Jaina, great I had a blast as Mr Harpy and a random hunter competed to pull as many mobs as possible. In practise, I agree with those who have already stated that Theramore was the wrong story for a scenario.  Without having read the book, there is a huge crater sized hole in your knowledge (and yes, my book “review” with Victorian overtones will be coming soon) and that to me is wrong. Too much of the plot recently has taken place in pages rather than in pixels, Deathwing destroying Auberdine for example or the Forsaken overrunning Southshore. We as players who are invested in this world, in these characters are powerless to do anything as some deus ex machina wrecks havoc on all we hold dear. That is a hard pill to swallow time and time again.

On the destruction of a much loved city: I am still grumpy about this. Theramore was always a home from home for many of my characters, in part because of it’s outstanding sunsets and sunrises. I’m also disappointed with Jaina’s character development as seen through the Tides of War (something I will cover in later post). However that I find myself wondering whether perhaps it was necessary.

You see, despite thinking I had lost the hunger to raid, thinking that I was happy running around collecting pets and pvping, I find Theramore has created a shift in that perception. Now I want to march on Orgrimmar, I want to see Garrosh fall and then I want to spit on his corpse and plant my Theramore banner on it. I want to dance on his face with my cute little Gnome feet and I want to see him burn just like Theramore did. Do I rate the book, no not really and do I like the scenario, no but it’s had a physical and emotional effect on me. I didn’t want to kill Deathwing even though he destroyed a plethora of my favourite places, but Garrosh….. oh he’s going down. In the end, that’s all storytelling is meant to do isn’t it.

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  2. You’re right, after reading the book all I was really left with was a burning desire to tear Garrosh limb from limb. Since I won’t be doing it, you go Gnome! Hit him a few times for me!

    • Assuming I can persuade some raid leader that they want a small vicious green haired gnome along for the ride, I will :p

  3. I haven’t read the book, and I do feel that it’s a shame that you have to if you want the full story. The in-game scenario really could have done a better job of pulling at our heart-strings.

    That said, I do like the general idea of scenarios as well. Sometimes it’s hard getting a healer or tank, so the ability to run something without them is quite a welcome change. It’s just a shame the first scenario they released was missing a bit too much of the story telling. Other scenarios may not suffer from this, but Theramore and the destruction thereof really needed a bit more information than we were given in-game.

    • I think they muddied the water a bit too much doing it like this. They should have kept scenarios for post launch and done something more like the run up to Cata with Theramore. Horde ships lurking off the coast, whispers of war, armies amassing…

      I would have liked some of the characters in the book to have merited a mention in-game too.

  4. Poignant post – and if you need an ally, I am here.

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