Slumming in the Sunwell

As anyone who has read my scribbles for any length of time is probably aware, two gnoming (two personing doesn’t sound right and two manning is not particularly accurate) dungeons is something that my husband and I have done a lot of. Not only is it a challenge but it makes for interesting game play as we try and navigate around sticking points and compensate for the lack of other party members.

I’m not sure why the Sunwell came up in conversation but it did and I have to admit that my original Sunwell memories are not the happiest but somehow I found myself talked into giving it a try. Back when it was fresh content, our then guild was locked in battle of wills with another guild on the server. We’d won the race to Illidan simply by staying up half the night but with the release of new content, the whole can of worms spilled open with a vengeance once more. The forums ignited and our GM became more and more bad tempered. Every time someone made a mistake, even if it was as small as pulling a trash pack by accident he erupted into screams of abuse directed not only at those responsible but the entire guild.

However, by the time we stood here, I was looking forward to rewriting those painful memories with some happier ones. Dear old Kalecgos provided a bit of a challenge simply because Mr Harpy on his rogue was struggling to stay alive whilst I was in the portal. After a few attempts, I popped back to Stormwind and exchanged my Disc spec for a Shadow one which made it far easier.

I’m surprised at just how much I’ve been enjoying Shadow, seeing tiny shadowy Gnomes with fabulous hair wander towards targets is wonderfully cute and macabre at the same plus I’m rather amazed at how big my numbers are. So once we’d saved the blue dragon, we found ourselves faced with this little guy,

To say he was a challenge would be an understatement, bearing in mind we were attempting him as a Holy Priest and a Rogue. I have to say Power Word: Solace is amazing on fights like this, where you need to conserve mana for high damage phases but also need to dps. In the end we had the last laugh, he died just after I did.

Aren’t Gnome corpses so pathetically cute?

Felmyst was amazingly easy in comparison, I went back to shadow and we just dodged nasty green clouds and nuked her. The twins were a bit more of a challenge but not by a huge amount. This time I stayed holy and bounced around spamming Power Word: Solace and blowing kisses. The poor Naaru wasn’t particularly hard either and before we knew it, we were clearing trash up towards the big bad guy himself.

I wish Blizzard would make these dogs tameable by Hunters, of all the demon dog models this has always been my favourite with Chromaggus a close second.

Compared to the first two encounters, Mr Demon was a walk in the park. I think that’s partly why I enjoy trying fights with less people than they’re designed for. The Kalecgos fight for example was at the time, perhaps the easiest fight in the dungeon but when there is only two of you, one wearing leather and one wearing cloth trying to tank demons and angry dragons it’s suddenly far more “interesting”.

Next up, Sarth 3D. Now I know that the fight is definitely two mannable but whether it’s doable without a proper tank remains to be seen but I feel if a rogue can tank Brutullus he should be able to manage a whole bunch of angry dragons.

10 Responses

  1. Wow! Congrats on getting through the Sunwell with just two people. That is an amazing feat

  2. You pair are a complete inspiration ❤

  3. Nice job on Sunwell.
    I love doing this kind of stuff, it started back in vanilla doing BRD. I’m always up for this type of challenge.

    • Yep, the weirder and harder the better. I love it when you have try after try where it seems impossible and then suddenly it just falls into place.

  4. I love doing this sort of stuff too! It is very entertaining how the “easy” vs. “hard” designations change when you only bring two people…we’ve spent most of our time farming Naxx-10, where Thaddius and Four Horsemen are a breeze, KT is doable with some planning for the ice blocks, and Razuvious is the biggest pain of all! Definitely not what you’d expect normally. My favorite part is how Sapphiron’s ice block phase is completely moot — everyone gets frozen so you don’t have to even move!

    I’ve also been working on farming the Sunwell mage lookalike set, but getting past Brutallus with 2 people is TOUGH. Congrats on pulling it off! I usually just guilt a third person into coming along. ; )

    • Thanks. I think the new MoP talents/abilities also helped, specifically feint reducing damage taken for my pet rogue and solace for me so that I could dps at points whilst still maintaining lots of mana for the more squishy eek moments.

      Going to try Icecrown this weekend, we’ve done Marrowgar before (pre MoP talents) with the same rogue + priest combo but want to see how far we can get.

  5. […] did. Sure, the Heroic and 25 man versions might be much harder but somehow I doubt it. Running the Sunwell as two was a challenge even at the end of Cataclysm which made it fun, whereas was  this was more […]

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