Dog eat Dog: or why I’d rather save the Vermling and feed the player base to the Sha

I’ve always been a firm believer in the WoW community, that regardless of the depths some players sink to, that they are the minority but now after levelling and starting the daily grind, I’m starting to wonder.

The sheer number of players who are so focused on achieving their own objectives that they’re happy to step on other people amazes me. You pull mobs next to something you need to pick up and next thing you know four other people are trying to nab it whilst you beat up it’s guardians. Spectral guise has turned out to be priceless in buying enough time to grab pickled vegetables or loot some artefact. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me but I never go for anything that someone else is fighting next to on the principle that they wouldn’t be fighting some trash mob if they didn’t want whatever it was. I’ve noticed as well people with mobs on them running straight for the nearest player aoeing in the hope that they can shake off a few without having to kill them. It doesn’t matter if the guy aoeing happens to be struggling against his own mobs and might die because helping out would slow them down.

Best of all are those who come running up to something you’re already looting and then turn around and /spit on you because you “ninja’d” THEIR item. Had a couple of hilarious conversations with irate questers who seemed to think that just because they’d set their sights on looting a specific item everyone else who was closer to said item should have read their minds and walked away. When me, Mr Harpy and the Godmother were running some Alterac Valleys for achievements and fun, we encountered perhaps the most amusing example of this to date. So there was Mr Harpy, tagging Snowfall for his graveyard achievement, the last thing standing between him and Master of Alterac Valley when this Gnome Priest uses leap of faith to pull him away and promptly starts tagging itself. Of course I arriving at this point, promptly pull the Priest away in turn who then starts this massive rant in both whispers and chat about how unfair this is. Regardless of how we worded it, he didn’t seem to grasp that I’d basically done the exact same thing that he had, only my timing was ever so slightly better. Had he arrived first and been tagging, I wouldn’t have touched him because it’s the wrong thing to do unless they do it first of course because greedy people don’t deserve to profit from their badness.

I do wonder, especially now most people have hit 90 and are doing the dailies whether Blizzard should have adapted the archaeology model into working with quest items too. So that instead of 1 jar of pickled vegetables spawning and being contested by the fifteen or so people within ten yards of it, jars would spawn and would only be visible by you and your party members. This would make people slightly less aggressive in their looting tactics and perhaps speed up the dailies, which right now could really do with a speed up. I know doing them all is optional and on paper it’s easy to say only do x, y and z today but once you start getting close to certain rewards, it’s not that simple. Factor in pressure from raid guilds and arena teams and the situation gets worse.



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  1. It is astonishing and sad as to how little civility there can be in the area of node/spawn etiquette.

    • Questing this time around came as a huge shock, I don’t remember things being this bad at the start of cataclysm. There is a Jade forest quest that requires the skinning of fireflies and the sheer quantity of people trying to skin mobs killed by others was leading to some rather angry conversations in chat.

  2. I was noticing today that it sure as hell doesn’t take long for players to show their true asshat colors. I seriously think Blizzard delights in trolling their own customers sometimes: I imagine this room full of malevolent goblins crafting new ways to cause us all angina. This unseen ‘joy debuff’ really sucks.

    • I love the idea of nasty evil little goblins taking great delight in our misfortune, it makes the behaviour of others slightly more bearable.

  3. I wondered that too after experiencing the shared looting in Guild Wars 2, why Blizzard couldn’t incorporate that in the game. I know it would lower a lot of player’s blood pressures.

    • They definitely need to do something, 90 percent of all yelling and angst I’ve seen in general since the expansion launched has been “ninjaing” related.

  4. I commented on JD’s post about this on his GW2 blog. I am wondering if Guild Wars just opened our eyes to the way it could be and it quadruples our frustration with these d-bags in WoW. My biggest dissapointment after GW is how the world boss was implemented. Gotta love “joining the raid” and finding out it’s not actually the raid who tagged it…

    • Yep, that’s so annoying and I would think easily fixed by either increasing raid size for world bosses or allowing it to work like those high health quest mobs where anyone who does damage can loot.

  5. Everyone is definitely looking out for number one, sadly. I can’t count the number of times people have stolen a mob that my rogue had obviously sapped. And the other day while doing dailies in the Dread Wastes, a rather unsavory individual used the Klaxxi enhancement that “mind controls” mobs on a mob that I had already gotten down to 70% life. Hopefully that bit can be hotfixed out if it hasn’t already.

    • Nasty 😦

      Had someone try and vanish in the middle of my aoe earlier so their mobs would add to my own, just so they could loot something at my feet.

  6. Sadly, in an anonymous game, there will always be those sorts of people. That’s why I dread the first parts of the expansion – it seems to be where I see some of the worst examples of human behaviour when it comes to being selfish.

    • I thought I’d seen most variations of jerkish behaviour in pvp but it seems that the average quester in a rush to 90 could surpass even that.

  7. Sadly this is one reason that I drag my feet while questing in new areas– I want everyone else to come in, be jerks, and move on. For those times when I’ve been in a overpopulated area, I just go very very slowly and have fun pretending to be a superhero instead (random buffs, healing, demobbing people who are swamped, etc.) It’s fun to confuse people by being helpful! 😉

    • I must admit now when someone comes to help me, I’m looking around trying to see what they’re up to because 99 percent are being idiots. The last time I healed someone random who almost died because they were aoeing all the things, they repaid me by spitting on me. Needless to say, they got left to their own devices after that.

  8. And here I thought it was just me! And unfortunately, those azzhats all know that paladin tanking includes not one but *three* AoEs. (unless you’ve glyphed one off)

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