An Offhand look at the prettiest Off-hand frills MoP has to offer

Now that I’m 90 and in a slightly more stable position, factions are starting to love me and my item level is high enough for the LFR this weekend, my thoughts are turning back to transmogrification. In many regards MoP has provided us with some of the prettiest items we’ve ever seen at the start of an expansion, thus in no particular order, here is my pick of the off-hands currently available to us.

Umbrella of Chi-Ji

Perhaps the most beautiful item archaeology has produced to-date. My Druid is currently levelling purely through herbalism and archaeology in the hope of making it soon. Not a hundred percent sure but I think I’d pair it with something simple as not to distract from from the umbrella.

Inscribed Red Fan

Made by Inscriptions, this particular fan is both bold and bright. I can’t help liking the idea of my characters fanning themselves to cool down in the heat of battle.

Shomi’s Fan

This tree like fan is delicate and fragile looking.

Malevolent Gladiator’s Reprieve

Purchased with Conquest points.

Wakener’s Light

As a Priest, I’ve always loved the lantern type off-hands and I think this is a great addition to them in Pandarian way.

4 Responses

  1. Awesome off-hands. A priest in my guild picked up the umbrella early on and has been working on mogs ever since.

    • Blizzard have done a great job with the artwork this time around, I love the look of some of the one and two hand swords as well. So many things to collect :p

  2. I absolutely love the little umbrella, and several of the other items as well. The umbrella I really want to use though, but it doesn’t quite fit my Warlock 😉

    Most likely I’ll have to level up my Priest eventually, just to make her a transmog outfit with the umbrella!

  3. I love that umbrella. It will be worth the countless hours of frustration I spend doing archaeology to get it, since now that I want it archaeology will take forever to cough it up for me.

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