You know you’re taking Pet Battles far too seriously

When the sight of this

makes you really happy in real life. It doesn’t matter that I have a horrible cold and can’t stop coughing, it doesn’t matter that I have to get up stupidly early to go to work tomorrow because I have a rare baby ape!

The fact that I hate pet battles and am only doing them because there is a list and I have to tick everything on it off is totally irrelevant by the way.


7 Responses

  1. I know what you mean. I have to get every pet I can and level them up all the way and then it’ll be the end of it for me, until something else comes up. (Plus I need to get all the achievements too)

    I caught me a hyacinth macaw from a raptor and did a happy dance.

  2. I know that feeling Erinys!

  3. I know, that’s how I felt about snow in the Storm Peaks yesterday. Grats, your ape is quite a handsome little fellow!

  4. My pets are still a little low for some of the rarer pet spawns, but I totally get this. I spent hours in between Dire Maul runs farming for Demonic Runes trying to get a rare faerie dragon. No luck. Even the runes were avoiding me!

  5. I just got this guy today! I uh….logged into my second account and waited for a rainstorm while…leveling a worgen to get the Gilnean Raven on my main account. I too have issues.

  6. I know the feeling. And so does my IRL best friend. You know it’s bad when she’s like, “Too bad it’s only raining in real life! No monkey for you!” when she came to visit one day. D:

  7. @everyone

    The knowledge that I am not alone cheers me up no end! I’m currently waiting for it to snow in the Storm peaks and levelling a Panda so I can get the Jade crane chick and making squeeing noises about all the cool looking stuff coming in the next patch even though I’m a million and one dailies from being done with the current content 😀

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