50 Shades of Grey: The IntPiPoMo edition

Karazhan in the rain

Incy wincy spider

A Tree

The Theramore Graveyard

20 Responses

  1. Ugh. Theramore. Those bastards…

    • I know, I know… I’ve got at least one alt who is never ever going to level and will keep Theramore pristine and shiny hopefully for all time.

  2. I love the colours in the tree photo

    • Me too. I don’t particularly like bug people but I love the fact that they live in wonderful tree houses with those shades of blues and greys and ambers.

  3. No raining Isle shot with baby apes? 😛

    • Nope, although I do have a few gleeful ones tucked away somewhere. Maybe the next instalment of my IntPiPoMo should be pet related.

  4. Wow… that tree. Also, Karazhan looks awesome whatever the weather 🙂 Not that deadwind has a lot of variation.

    • The Deadwind Pass is one of my guilty pleasures, I rather like hanging out there, borrowing one of the deserted camps and just relaxing with my shade.

  5. ugh! did i miss something here? When did this event went out? If its going on I better start doing this again… please let me know! and those screenies are nice.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. (Also, so SO much better than the book!)

    • Thanks. To be fair, I could have posted a stick drawing and that would be true :p

      Although most of my colleagues love the books 😦

  7. They are all beautiful but I love the spider hanging in front of the moon, so spooky!

    • Thanks. I hated it when Blizzard first did that with those spiders but they’ve really grown on me (apart from when they’re dropping on me).

  8. That tree is gorgeous! And that spider one is amazing! Great pics there Erinys 🙂

  9. I have Arachnophobia, but that spider pic is STUNNING!

  10. Spider Pic ftw! Omg you took some truly amazing shots! How long did it take to get the spider in the frame just right? Gah! I’m so bad at taking screen shots and yours just remind me of that stark fact 😛 Great job!

    • Thanks. That particular shot might have involved a fair bit of wriggling around trying to find the perfect angle :p

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