Taking time to stop and pick the Snow flowers

As you may have gathered, I’m not playing much at the moment. Now that’s partly due to my long commute and the hours I’m putting in at work but even when I do have time to spare, I’m not rushing for the computer either.

MoP is undeniably beautiful. I could lose myself in it’s landscapes for hours, wandering from waterfall to waterfall and yet, I’m not doing. I log, do the odd daily, the odd pet battle and then I log off. I haven’t even done much PvP, let alone set foot in the Looking for Raid. Neither have I done all the heroics or all the scenarios and as for being exalted with all the Pandarian factions….. not a chance. Ok, I’m exalted with two and part way through revered with all the rest (apart from the Shado-pan who annoy me on many levels).

Sure, the dailies have pushed me away in part but then I’ve always felt they were flawed as a concept (but that’s another post). If I’m being honest, I know at the heart of my issue lies a sense of loneliness. What’s the point of getting PvE gear if you aren’t doing PvE? I don’t have a raid to gear up for and my pets really don’t care whether I’m wearing twill or the finest epics that “skill” can buy. I miss the banter of guild chat, that abstract conversation which keeps you logged in way after your bed time and that sense of achievement when you finally come together as a team. The same is true of PvP, it’s far better when you are a team rather than a rag taggle bunch linked by hatred and mutual loathing.

Perhaps it’s finally time that I broke my own expansion rule, the one that says alts stay firmly in the background until all reps, dungeons and other such things have been achieved on the character du jour.

Maybe Snowflower (and no, she’s no relation to Snow Blossom) needs actually finish exploring that wandering turtle.

(On a side note, one of my favourite things about Windows 8 has to be the photo apps which are so easily available).


5 Responses

  1. Oh thank Elune, I was scared there for a minute I thought she might be Snow Blossom’s sister, whew. I think you should get Snowflower out and exploring. Break the alt rule! But that’s coming from someone who wanders around ruleless so not surprising!

    • Yet again, writing it down did actually help focus my thoughts. Once we move a bit closer to work (hopefully by the next arena season/proper raid), I’m going to find a guild. In the mean time I have a bit of a pre next patch check list and that will include levelling Snowflower and stuff like that.

  2. You know, I think you just put into words what I’ve been feeling, in some degree moreso now that I have no time for raids, since the guild I was in years ago fell apart and even more since all of the friends I made in that guild slowly stopped playing.

    • 😦

      I definitely think that looking back, my favourite periods of playing have been the bits where I was surrounded by other people. Of course they were also some of the most annoying, frustrating and driving me up the wall bits too :p

  3. Sorry to post on a month old post, but that sense of loneliness is something I can relate to as well. It really doesn’t help that we transferred to a low pop realm and people don’t chat anymore at the best of times, but if I didn’t love playing Enhancement so much, I doubt I’d still be playing. The silence in General, Trade and Guild chats is just so… loud.
    Making new friends nowadays in-game seems to be an increasingly rare occurrence, whereas once I had a list full of friends online at all different times of the day.

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