A Happy Harpy Day

The first thing I did yesterday on logging…


15 Responses

  1. My Harpy! She has a twin!

  2. Make that a triplet. I’m guessing there will be a lot of Erinys clones out there.

  3. It wasn’t the first thing I did, but probably should have been! It’s certainly a high priority. I like her.

    • So wonderful. Can’t wait to get one of my own!

      • She does back flips whilst flying too. I would perhaps have preferred a different colour scheme or more variety at least but so happy Blizzard added her. All I need now is for summer to return so I can grab my little Guardling and I’ll be a happy pet collector.

    • I’m really loving the new pets. I got my fluxfire feline today and he’s so cute. I love how he stretches showing little pointy mechanical fangs. Blizzard are definitely managing to balance out the dailies with the squee must collect stuff at the moment.

  4. OMG how funny I named mine Erinys too!

    • I think I’ll have to change it to Lylabean instead so it doesn’t look like I’m totally unoriginal 😛

      • This distressed my husband somewhat as his rogue is called Lylabean (mine is called Lylobean) :p

      • Oh no so now what do i call it! 😛

      • The bit of me that can’t quite believe that people would want to call stuff after me wants go “Erinys, Erinys, Erinys”. However of the mythological Harpies, I like Aello as a name, meaning “storm swift” or “whirlwind” (I always wanted to call a Draenei warrior that).

  5. Might have to get myself one of those as well…

    • Everyone needs a Harpy! They should come as standard at the character creation screen.

      • For some reason when I hear harpies, I always think back to this episode of the Simpsons:

        Except, of course, you’re nothing like that. You represent the good harpies. 😀

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