The Sublime and the Beautiful: IntPiPoMo

Since it’s still the 30th of November I thought I’d get a little closer to the 50 pictures.






Rogers Pass to Banff 107

cloister 007

havana to trinidad 096

Dzibilchaltun 004

Caravan day 1 025a

Caravan day 1 044

Who knows I might even “borrow” another time zone to post my last 9.

2 Responses

  1. It is early and I don’t have my contacts in yet but I still think I should have caught on sooner that that beautiful tree is NOT in the game. I kept trying to figure out what zone it was in and then, oh … it’s real, lol.

    • Giggle 😀

      Desperation kicked in and every screenshot I liked, I’d already posted under one guise or another.

      To be fair, I can just see that tree up at the north of the Jade Forest, perhaps near the Falls of Serenity. The water is the right colour and it’s got that peaceful feel. In reality though, it’s somewhere in the Canadian Rockies.

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