The Sincerest form of Flattery

Me and the Auction House now that it’s brimming with pets are a bad combination. Despite still having to build a team to properly take on Major Paine, I decided I couldn’t wait to pick up this particular spirit and some how, without me really thinking about it, money changed hands.


The observant amongst you might notice that she’s named after a character belonging to someone we all know and love. I found myself unable to resist, after all, the spirit is clearly cat like as well as being awesome and inspirational. I still have to test how she reacts when presented with large quantities of Human males though.

So that brings my total of pets named after bloggers to five with still a huge quantity of pets to go to.





9 Responses

  1. Oh, poo, I didn’t get one! Dang. Oh well. Those are very sweet and wonderful! I am still working on my list, names, and adoption papers. Very inspiring, and very sweet! I’m sure they will all love them!

    • I’m working on it. Had a couple of thoughts but wasn’t convinced when I tried them out. If only my feline familiar didn’t already have a name because otherwise you’d be a given.

      • You must know I feel like an ass, as always. Do you have a jackass, or mule, or pig? One of those may be appropriate! (I am laughing, out loud, as the texting would go…)

  2. OMG I totally forgot about the Ruby Sapling pet! I was looking for one to name Navi – woot!

    That cat pet is just puuuurfect for Tome! ^-^

  3. Yay! Cat was so excited to find out she was a Pandaren Spirit pet! I hope she kicks a lot of butt for you, lol!

  4. Oh those names are so fitting and had an “Aww” moment when I saw my name amongst them so thank you 😀

    • Glad you like it. I had that moments panic after posting, wondering if A. Did I spell everyone’s names right and B. Is it possible to insult people in your choice of pet to name after them.

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