A Volatile Transmogrification

The robes of Volatile Power have always exercised a strange fascination over me, partly because back in Vanilla they were the source of so many arguments. So whilst rummaging around the Molten Core in pursuit of pets, I was happy to come across them lying on a corpse.

Now Sprout hasn’t had a proper transmogrification since MoP hit so I had great fun breaking out MogIt again and playing around.

First up, playing on the purple in the chest piece.


The second look is aimed a bit more around Sprout’s green eyes and hair coupled with the fact that I love this hat to bits.


8 Responses

  1. I picked that up a couple of weeks ago. It was a dress I never had before so it was a nice change. Great job on the mog outfits.

    • Thanks, been neglecting my poor character’s gear a bit too much. They look like I did as a four year old whenever my Father was “in charge” of getting me ready for school, i.e wearing a mix and match of colours and patterns which is truly terrible.

  2. Grats on a gorgeous robe! Both of those sets look great. I love the way the pandaria shoulders look with the robe in the first one, and the second one really does bring out her eyes 😀

  3. In that second set Sprout seems to be smoldering with POWER!

  4. Dah-ammm, baby! You have some style – you look adorable!

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