Angling for fishing improvements

A little Bug on a bigger Bug!


Finally exalted with the Anglers, for my adorable buggy friend. I wish these came in other colours than slightly off-salmon pink though.

On a mostly unrelated note, wouldn’t fishing be more fun if there was an added thrill element? Perhaps random giant Catfish attacks or dead fish raining from the skies, just something unpredictable to take away from the monotony of it taking 40 casts to catch 5 piranha. Better still, why can’t I throw a bleeding and battered Bloodelf* into the river and then net up the piranha and what’s left of the bait nice and quickly with minimum of fuss.

*You could substitute this with something less humanoid and perhaps more dead if you’re squeamish (although I believe if we’re being totally accurate it’s the churning water of a panic stricken creature which attracts them so ……… Bloodelf it is!)

6 Responses

  1. Grats! I agree, I’ve always wished that very occasionally you’d get a The Lurker Below kind of event while fishing, it would keep you on your toes!

  2. The people in my world have stopped giving me funny looks while I laugh diabolically at my phone…I am still grinning…

  3. I’d love to see fishing get the same treatment that archaeology did in MoP. Namely, it gives XP and is relatively quick to max out, but has other achievements for people who really want to keep at it. I hate having all my professions at 600 except one :S

    • Yep, I’m slowly getting there but it’s a work of epic proportions mostly because I don’t enjoy it. In fact I only started fishing when they added the mini crocolisks during the Burning Crusade and it’s been a mix of pets and mounts more than actual fish which has kept me going (fish after all you can buy on the AH).

      A switch to the archaeology model would be the next best thing to being able to fish for piranha using the struggling bodies of the opposing faction.

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