Sprout the Brawler

Slightly late to the party but this weekend, Sprout intends taking on all comers in the Brawler’s Guild.


My self-imposed challenge however is to do it as Holy or die trying! No doubt the latter will definitely happen more than a few times but I think with a bit of practice some fights at least will be possible and making the attempt is half the fun in it’s self.

So without any further ado, introducing Brawler Sprout!


Be afraid.

12 Responses

  1. OMG! Look out you guys! Sprout’s on the way, you’ll be sorry!

  2. Hey GL. Look forward to reading how it goes.

  3. Ooh that Sprout. She’s looking a bit mean there! Have fun Erinys!

  4. I still don’t have my bloodstained invitation. Must have gotten lost in the mail. But then again, if I have to meet Sprout in the ring, I’ll wet myself!

    • Green haired gnomes should be raid bosses. Ended up doing a Sota earlier in which me and Mr Harpy plus a green haired gnome lock bullied most of the other team into forgetting about vehicles and falling over dead. It’s definitely the hair colour, in fact I might dye mine, see if it scares the nasty people who come into work and try and yell at me 😀

  5. I want Brawler Sprout’s expression to be an in-game face option. She is possibly the scariest looking gnome I’ve ever seen.

    Best of luck in the ring!

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