Pre Patch Panicking

Time scales and deadlines always make me nervous, suddenly I feel that I have so much to do before Blizzard roll out the next patch.


  • Finish up her remaining reputations (Shado-Pan and that pesky Alliance one in the Wilds)
  • Farm as many Conquest and Valor points as I can lay my sticky little mitts on
  • Finish up beating the Pet Tamers
  • Hit 480 item level for the new LFR


I would also like to level a couple of my alts past their respective starting zones and tick off a few achievements which have been sitting around half finished for ages.

It may not seem like a massive list, but with my limited play time, I’m definitely a bit concerned.

6 Responses

  1. Remember to not only review how Euph did it, but the derps I did, so you are prepared for his awesome-y greenness!

    • I know I’m not meant to kill her and that it’s the eggs which hatch my hopefully soon to be pet, however, every time I check out that cave, it’s always full of hunters šŸ˜¦ Another reason why cross server zones can be oh so annoying.

  2. Priorities! Must have that giant worm of doom! We will all form an army and only world domination can follow!

  3. I know the feeling! I have been so casual about this patch, and now suddenly 5.2 is knocking at the door? I have to DO ALL THE THINGS!!! Except…I really do not have time. I guess I’ll just start stocking up on gems, enchants and flasks for the 5.2 rush hour on the auction house and hope I can buy my way in to the new LFR šŸ˜›

    • I’m hoping if I finish upgrading the stuff I’ve got atm, I’ll just scrap into the bracket. Currently like 4 points off but with my luck, I’ll miss it by one point or something :p

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