Mentzelia: The Harvest Witch

I’ve never been a great fan of titles in-game but there are a couple of NPC only ones that I’d jump through hoops for.

Both belong to Worgen Druids and both have a decidedly seasonal feel to them.


I love the idea of a Harvest Witch (or Druid), in tune with the earth and fully understanding the need to reap just as much as to sow. A herbalist by nature, bags full of flowers dried and fresh. Naturally she prefers the wild places, those quiet groves and silent forests.  Her constant companion is a raven, shiny black feathers and curious eyes.  Thus Mentzelia was born, named for a plant otherwise known as the Moonflower.


Of course, being ever so fond of planning, making her wasn’t enough, I needed to create some outfits for her too.

Sowing  or Restoration


Reaping or Feral


So if you come across a garden nestled by the hedgerow or blooming in a forest, be careful what you take for two sets of eyes may be watching. Then as you wander home, your arms full of stolen herbs, would you see the raven soaring above you, tracking your every move or would you notice the rustle of the long grass as something stalked towards you, perhaps not, at least until it was too late.


4 Responses

  1. Eep grim reaper Worgen!

    • Yep, coming soon to a battleground near you (ok, not you specifically cos of the whole region thing.. :(). Although given she’ll be in catform most of the time it’s probably a little wasted.

  2. I always loved the look of that look-alike headpiece in ULD. Too bad it’s leather. Great job on the furry grim reaper. My lock sports a similarly looking weapon.

    • Yep I remember looking at mmo-champion when those tiers were released and thinking “why am I not a druid”. Especially compared to the priest tier although that did eventually grow on me.

      My Lock does too, it seems like the perfect weapon for so many purposes.

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