A Crisis of Confidence

My love affair with Priests has hit a stumbling block. I’ve never liked Disc as a spec and always resented being pushed into it throughout Wrath and Cataclysm for both PvE and PvP. With Mists I vowed I’d never play a spec I didn’t like again and I’ve tried to persevere with Holy, I really have but in PvP in particular I have terrible mobility and when shut down I’m rather squishy to say the least. Sure, gear is part of it, but when you’ve already got over 55 percent resilience (or whatever it’s called these days) but people still regularly crit you for 200k, getting a few percent more isn’t going to make a huge difference.

I miss the days when I could as a healer take on a dpser and stand a chance of winning (i.e. every expansion bar this one). That coupled with a few stupid mistakes in roughly pve related things, brought on in the main part by my shyness when having to play with strangers have left me wondering what good is Sprout. She struggles to do her dailies alone, random battlegrounds are hugely painful because as soon as one or two competent dpsers glare at her she tends to go splat and I’m too short of time and too insecure to raid anymore.

And yes, emo post is emo.

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  1. I still love the concept of Holy- and what I wish more than anything is that Blizzard would not weaken a class in order to ever strengthen another. Through painful, painful times doing dailies in my shadow priest, where I would be killed no less than four to seven times per morning, I feel relief when I got to revered with Shado Pan so I never have to go back. Ever. How is that fun? I know I jumped on the healing disc bandwagon, but I am also not naive enough to think that someday that too will be diminished. Consider this a virtual hug, Sprout. You are not alone.

    • Ty. I gave into the dark side I’m afraid. Went Disc and have been laughing at dpsers all day as they pathetically struggle to kill me even when I’m clutching an orb in the Temple of Kotmogu. The difference is ridiculous. With penance on the move, coupled with huge shields (although the nerf is incoming) it’s like I’m playing a different class. Not particularly happy with myself for it, winning > all (or something like that).

  2. I’ve only really tried holy for one afternoon – having been shadow in my early priest experience and disc ever since. For dailies though, I usu do them as either disc (or shadow on occasion). In PVP, it has varied btwn either spec but if you’re really not feeling it, a break sounds exactly like what you need. Holy always tends to be strong in the early part of an expansion with changes/improvements to Disc later on.

    • But we’re in the early part of the expansion. The prognosis for Holy doesn’t look good :p

      I’ve been leveling my monk as well which has helped and I’ve deliberately gone windwalker rather than mistweaver to have a bit of a healing break.

  3. I have a friend who is a lot like you are now, only she is a die hard Boomkin. She tried so much to make Balance work for her, but the idea of spending yet another expansion on the bottom of the charts no matter what she does was just too much. She tried to make Feral work, but the switch to melee was rough on her. In the end she gave up on raiding, then gave up on her Druid, and now she doesn’t even bother to log in at all anymore.

    I have seen first hand how disheartening and frankly un-fun it can be to try and try but get nowhere through no fault of your own. There is nothing emo about being frustrated that you can’t play a class or spec you love because you’re gimping yourself doing so.

    If it’s any consolation, we love our holy priests and would never dream of asking them to switch if they didn’t want to. We’re pretty scrubby in PvE, but bosses still die and we all have fun. Try not to let something that is out of your control affect your confidence. If you weren’t a smelly Gnome I’d offer you to come along to one of our Relaxed Raids in a heartbeat! You’ll feel like a god after seeing us in action 😛


  4. Everyone needs to be emo once in a while! I know nothing about priests, my little Shadow Priest was deleted long ago but I do know what it’s like to have a class you like change from what you loved to what you don’t want to play.

    So my Shaman waits for the day she can fight her way back up to the top, hang on Sprout!

    • I need to channel my work persona into WoW, just not sure how to do that. Although I suppose it’s better to be emo over WoW than it is to be at work. I’m still feeling a bit bitter about having to go back to Disc but I feel I’m contributing far more to the games now than I was as Holy and feeling like you’re the reason for losing sucks pretty bad*.

      *Even though it’s never quite that simple.

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