Almost Picture Perfect: STV




STV definitely has to be one of my favourite zones. I have many pleasurable memories of world pvp here, from long drawn out battles in the arena to fast furious guild versus guild and plenty of low level scraps. It’s an area I always look forward to when leveling alts and of course, the sheer beauty of the place helps.

11 Responses

  1. LOL, do you know what went through my mind when I saw this?
    OMG It’s raining in STV? Must go check for Baby apes!

    • Arrggh… don’t mention rain on Jaguero Isle. I spent so many frustrated hours crying over the fact that it was pouring with rain twenty yards away.

  2. Places like Stranglethorn are why I get depressed when I don’t have a low level to level through. It’s why so many of my characters have met an untimely death to make room for another level one!

  3. Stranglethorn is amazing! I love all the little islands, palm trees etc.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous screenshots!

  6. Love STV so much. So much ganking done to me while leveling and then by me once leveled!

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