The Perfect Pets for a Gnome: Anklebiters All

Ignoring the whole “What.. more dailies” thing, I love the look of the new zones.  You can’t go wrong with Dinosaurs, especially nasty sneaky heavy hitting big teethed ones. However it’s the new mini-pets which excited me the most, after all with names like those, they belong with a Gnome.


So the first thing I did on patching the game was head straight north through Kun’lai Summit for the Isle of Giants. It took us around an hours worth of farming to net all four for me and a second Anklerender for Mr Harpy.


This is my favourite baby dinosaur farming ground. It take a bit of effort sneaking on boat (we used shroud of concealment to edge pass the large angry Devilsaur) but in terms of peaceful farming, it’s definitely worth it


Whilst running around (mostly away from things with big teeth), we came across a rather nice Dwarf who sold us an Intact Direhorn Hide. I love these disguise type items and whilst it’s a shame you can’t cast whilst transformed, you can at least have fun levitating across water as a Dinosaur.


Sprout and her new best friend, coming soon to a battleground near you!


10 Responses

  1. Nice! I checked out the place late last night so didn’t stay long except for collecting a few bones – although I should remember not to alt-tab while a huge dino is patting.

    I look forward to going back and collecting the pets at least, not so much for collecting 999 bones.

  2. Me and the hubby are going ankle biting hunting tonight.
    I can’t wait to get these new pets!

  3. I like the title of this post 🙂

  4. About to login and now I know just where I’m headed!

  5. I’m finishing up my RaF before I go to dinoland but I’m soooo excited for new pets 😀 They are supposed to have a good drop rate, but I have the world’s worst luck to balance it out.

    • Not sure how many we killed over all but got two pets off two mobs in the same pack so definitely better than Blizzard’s normal drop rates I’d say. Good luck 🙂

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