It’s a small small world: For Matty

I knew I’d seen that mermaid before, yep, this one.


Picture borrowed from Pat Fish

It’s been bugging me ever since that post, dancing just out of reach, twisting away every time I reached for it. Then with blinding clarity it came to me when I was reading your last post on muses, those most fickle mistresses. It wasn’t the tattoo I recognized but the stone carving along side it. My in-laws live around eight minutes away from the museum which houses the original. Sometimes the world seems so tiny, it makes Azeroth look huge.

Finding a Melusine on a Pictish stone stood out, although not enough clearly. Coupled with the fact that the comb and the mirror are common symbols on these stones, it makes you wonder if they knew something we didn’t.

2 Responses

  1. Oh OH OOHHHHHH!!!! Breath officially taken away! I love our tiny world! Oh, Erinys! That is wonderful!

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