Organizing Thoughts

I need goals. They keep me focused and more importantly mean that I get to tick items off lists on a regular basis. Therefore in order to facilitate a return to WoW that lasts longer than 15 minutes, I decided I need a list of things to achieve.

  1. Getting my sticky Alliance paws on <the Hordebreaker> title. Given the number of Horde I’ve managed to annoy, actively afk and cover my character’s in Troll spit over the years, this is a given.
  2. Reach 200 mounts. This will take time, patience (something I’m not particularly known for) and large quantities of gold.
  3. Brawler’s Guild. I had such intentions which never reached fruition before so now it’s time to see if I can brawl with the best of them.
  4. PvP pet battles. I’ve always hated people killing my pets when I played a Hunter… so this should be fun.
  5. Get a Tidestalker pet. I used to rather like killing this guy’s big brother in Serpentshrine Cavern.
  6. Fox Kit!!! I still don’t have one so it’s either a case of Auction House raiding or farming Tol Barad quests.
  7. Expand my little Hunter’s stable. It’s time to indulge my fascination with demonic looking dogs. I think I still need to tick the white and the red versions off my list. I wish they’d introduce a mini pet version of these puppies. I’ve been drawn to them ever since Vanilla when my Warlock used to hang out in the Plaguelands using enslave demon on them.
  8. Level a Horde character to 90 so I can see things from both sides.


My other issue comes with rolling a character I “like”. I need a hook, some suggestion of a back story which draws me in and spawns my imagination. Usually it’s not an issue, with characters being born in my head long before I hit the character creation screen, however with Monks I find it harder. I can’t even decide what race to play with Draenei and Night Elf tussling in my head. Why would either of those races, both with their own strong religious beliefs suddenly decide to embrace the way of the Monk? (somebody so needs to do an in-depth post(s) about WoW and the different races and their approach to religion). I mean I never quite got my head around what God Sprout worshiped, other than the fact that most of the time her prayers were answered and the bad men went splat. Time for some proper research I suspect.


2 Responses

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  2. I have been thinking about that religion post for a long time….maybe this is the week

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