Turn Around

Err so I’m re-subscribed to WoW again, I’ve managed to join a guild and my new main is now level 25 and counting. Not bad given that I only got back from Ireland late Thursday night.

Northern Ireland 109

We were also blessed with truly amazing weather as you can see from the above picture (it’s the ruins of Dunluce Castle).

I’d actually forgotten how much fun leveling is and I’m torn between enjoying the speed and wishing I could go a little slower to soak up all the atmosphere.

Most of all though, I’m enjoying the details.


For example, I’m pretty sure I’d never noticed this before. Perhaps because this is the first time I’ve ridden around on the bug for any length of time but even so.


Not sure I’d noticed that the Insane Ghoul in Duskwood carried a bunch of flowers either. Wonder if he was just a hoarder or if before his madness got the better of him, he intended to give them to Blind Mary.

In terms of WoW, the plan is to level the Monks, kill Horde, dispose of Garrosh whilst yelling “Remember Theramore” and generally “faff!” a lot. For the blog, well, I have a few long posts I’ve been writing for far too long and I’ve even got a story to justify why my Monk is a night elf. Sewing wise, well mini Gnoll has made it to pattern form but my eye has been caught by something else so will have to see what ends up being made first. Also Sprout will be getting some love, even if it’s just farming Raiding with Leashes mark 2.

6 Responses

  1. Nice to have you back, but you knew that 😀

  2. Yay! Welcome back and I’m looking forward to reading about why your Night Elf is a Monk.

  3. So happy, so very happy! Thank you for the Ireland photo — more things to add to my life list!

    • That’s currently the story of my life, I tick one thing off and promptly find the next place, restaurant, book, game that I need to visit, eat at, read or play.

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