It goes to Eleven – Mini Pet Heaven

Inspired by Swenyola’s post on her top ten companion pets, even when I didn’t think I intended returning to WoW, I couldn’t resist drawing up a list of mine.

1. Bean – My baby Hopling, named after Mr Harpy’s rogue as they share certain characteristics.


2. Euphyley –  My Cenarion Hatchling, named after Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns fame who very kindly gifted her to me.


3. Pyewacket – My Feline Familiar. You can’t go wrong with a Cat in Hat, especially one who can fly on his very own broom.


4. Cobweb – The Giant Bone Spider


5. Ichabod – The Sinister Squashling


6. Billy – Summit Kid


7. Charming – The Swamp Croaker


8. Tattiebogle – Tiny Harvester


9. The Sea Pony –  For a period pet was beginning to be my white whale. I fished and I fished and I fished but got nothing by flotsam and jetsam. Of course when I finally reeled one in, I got another one in quick succession.


10. Mataoka – The Imperial Moth


I may have gone to 11 but I couldn’t decide who to cut in order to add Cecy, so as she’s not a battle pet, I decided she could drift happily on the end.

11. Cecy – The Darkmoon Balloon


16 Responses

  1. I have the cat in my top 10 too – he’s so cool!

  2. Nice list :). I love that they all have names, Billy the kid is great

  3. I still can’t narrow it down to ten!

  4. Ah, Erinys – the Mataoka Moth….still makes me so joyous. Thank you.

  5. Nice choices! Getting it down to 10 was hard work, I don’t blame you for sneaking another in!

  6. What a great list you have and I knew you’d have a hopling in your collection. 😛

  7. Ohhh it’s so great seeing many people doing this post! 😀 I especially love your number 2, 6 and 10! 😀

  8. I absolutely love pets, I really need to get into pet battles so I can get more of them. The names you’ve picked for yours are great as well!

    • I must admit I don’t 100 percent enjoy the pet battles however I’m pushing through for the sake of achievements/tentacle pet. (Which in turn shows how shallow I am 😦 )

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