Those of you who are long term readers are probably well aware of my hatred of Lord Ahune and his refusal to cough up pets or scythes on characters who could use it (I may have whined about it a few times).


However this year turned out to be different and not because RNG happened to favour me. I’d had a bad day, which needless to say in my line of work can happen fairly frequently. I’d been soaked to the skin twice, slavered on by a rather large dog (although that was probably one of the best bits), seen the paper mountain on my desk multiply by five and managed to hurt my leg quite badly. I was tired and possibly quite irritable. I suspect I logged expecting more of the same but instead I discovered a dwarfish Godmother in the shape of my new GM.

So this is basically a Thank You! Not only for opening up your guild to an ever so slightly grumpy Night elf who is overly fond of pvp but a terrible loser (which is a lethal combination where random battlegrounds are concerned… it’s ever so lucky I can’t type and fight at the same time and perhaps even more lucky that fighting wins out over typing) as well as her even grumpier pet Gnome but also for my Frigid Frostling.

As it turns out Alterac Valley is his home away from home.

4 Responses

  1. I’ll bet he’s going to be as blood thirsty as Sprout! Say hi to your GM for me!

  2. If getting dog spit was the highlight of your day before you logged on…

    This is a lovely post Erinys – Godmother is lucky to have you, and I while I read this, I felt bettter! That’s how friendship works I suppose. This is a good thing.

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