Fear of Flying (and being 90)

My Monk is just on the cusp of 89 and endgame is so close I can almost taste it. My honor point stash is close to maxed and I’ve got plenty of justice points to play with too. Yet I almost don’t want to hit 90. I love the class, pvp is so much fun and suddenly battlegrounds that I hated on Sprout, I now adore. Strand of the Ancients being one because if no one else is slowing vehicles well I can bring them to halt plus healing whilst nuking annoying people in the face… always awesome.

So therefore my rough plan is to force myself over the finishing line and then start both pvping with the big boys and at least hanging out in the Isle of Thunder and running scenarios with the intention of getting a look at the Battlefield Barrens carry on before it’s removed. Here’s hoping I still have enough time to get the Hordebreaker title, after all, it’s some what appropriate in oh so many ways.

I also need a proper transmogrification outfit because I can’t always hide like this:


Baby panda + zen mediation = Cuteness

I’m also planning on tackling my left over achievements in a reasonably sensible fashion. Got far too many left to tick off to suit my list focused brain. Besides this might slow down the march to 90.

6 Responses

  1. I don’t think your pulling back the reins is as uncommon as we all might be lead to believe…

    and yes…big time cuteness!

  2. Oh! You are too cute! Squeeze! I had thought I didn’t care about Battlefield Barrens but found I did really want to do it one more time. You definitely need the Hordebreaker on that little cute panda!

    I really need to find an outfit I like, so far Cat only transmogged her weapon. Should really get on the rest.

    • I suspect that title should be mandatory. Will hit 90 either later on in the week or at the weekend for sure cos I’m half way through 89 now. That title will be mine.

  3. Meditating panda is adorable!

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