Day 13: Fast

I’m back!!! We’re almost completely moved although there are boxes everywhere as they can’t be properly unpacked until our new kitchen is installed in a fortnight. It turns out I’m even clumsier than I thought as I’m covered in bruises, have dropped multiple heavy boxes on my feet and slammed a heavy chest of drawers into my cheek bone whilst half up the stairs but already I feel calmer than before.

I intend filling in my missing screenshots later this week but it seemed appropriate to sneak five minutes to post something relating to “fast”. Thus I present Azeroth’s most annoying creature… the backseat Gnome! I mean I wasn’t going too fast, just fast enough to miss the corner and slide onto the grass for a brief moment.



4 Responses

  1. LOL! Having a cheeky Gnome in the back seat unnerved her!

  2. Backseat gnomes! Any gnome is annoying 😛

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