Standing in the Shadows: Death Knight Week

Laeleiweyn had the brilliant idea of celebrating alts class by class over the next eleven weeks and of course I couldn’t resist joining in. Week 1 is Death Knight week and I have to admit my experience with Death Knights has been a little embarrassing and depressing. However not being one to give up, I thought in the spirit of the occasion and all, I’d roll another one.


As you can probably gather from the shot, she hasn’t made it very far yet but I have high hopes that she’ll break my DK luck and actually survive Hellfire. Who knows, she might even manage to hit Zangarmarsh if I’m really lucky.

My goal for her is that by the end of the week, she manages to leave the Death Knight starter zone and annoys some non DK Horde in a couple of Alterac Valleys. Wish me luck!

8 Responses

  1. Good luck. 🙂 I’m happy you’re participating!

  2. Good luck baby Death Knight!

  3. I got as far as Northrend with my Death Knight. Something about that class just turns me off. I think it is all the different kinds of runes and energies…

  4. My DKs usually don’t survive Hellfire either 😛

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