Thoughts on the Timeless Isle

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time here over the last couple of days and I’m still trying to figure out whether I loathe the place or whether it’s tackiness is growing on me.


On the plus side it’s perpetual sunset is beautiful and it’s full of pointless vanity items which I’m a great fan of.  Should I ever get another character to 90, they will have access to a full set of 496 loot the second they ding. Evermaw also kindly gave me a token to create a lv 535 piece which was rather friendly of him and Mr Harpy got a cloud serpent mount off a rather dashing looking Dragon (it’s just a shame he can’t ride it on his main). We’re almost so loaded down with shinies, we’re bloated with it. It makes the previous loot pinatas of WoW look decidedly second rate in comparison and there in lies the problem.


Handing stuff out this easy always makes me worried. It’s like we’re being fattened up for the sacrifice.  The most frustrating bit (other than the fact that someone has always just done the Neverending Spritewood two seconds before I get there) is the rep grind. I can quite honestly say I hate that Emperor with a passion. He might have defeated the Shas of Anger, Violence and Hatred but now he’s probably about to help resurrect them once again using the combined negative thoughts of everyone on that Isle grinding mobs in his name. There needs to be more spawns, a lot more spawns just so you don’t feel guilty pouncing on the next mob two seconds before some little Gnome would have tagged it.


The fact that there are ghost pirates does help though.


6 Responses

  1. Loving that top screenshot!

    All these new novelty items and I have like 12 spaces in my bag free. It’s time to clear out the closets and get rid of old stuff 😦

    Neverending Spritewood…didn’t know about this pet, adding it to the list!

    • I’ve been trying to split the load on alts but even so.. I still haven’t managed to get a single pet yet though. Hope your luck is better than mine.

  2. I hate that boat in picture number one.

    There’s a sparkly satchel on the end of one of the mast beam thingies. (Landlubber I be, terminology o’ the seas is beyond me.) I want it. I suck at getting at it. I keep on falling off the mast beam thingie (if I even manage to get on it in the first place). This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the freaking PIRATES who HAVE to smack me around.

    I win, don’t get me wrong – mother truckers don’t got lava like I do – it’s just that killing three to four pirates takes JUST enough time and JUST enough effort that my repeat “run up the rope, jump for the beam, miss, try again!” becomes a freaking pain in the ass. Run up the rope, shoot a pirate. Jump for the beam, miss, gotta take out two or three. THEY. KEEP. RESPAWNING.

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