Blackguard’s Jetsam

It’s always been the detail of WoW which has acted as it’s biggest draw to me. The little twists and turns hidden in plain sight, the things which make you smile over again and again.

Finding a cave entrance lurking below the water’s edge is exciting enough.


Discovering ghost pirates hiding within even better.

Slaughtering said spectral sea dogs and then stealing their treasure adds the extra icing on the cake (which you can do once a week). They can also drop spectral grog which makes you dead like them.
However when you return the following day expecting an empty cave or just plain and simple hostile pirates, it’s  lovely touch to find them neutral and hanging out inspecting their booty.

3 Responses

  1. I didn’t know that! I’ve got to go back and visit them, maybe share a round with them.

  2. I like going in there too. I actually prefer their illusion over the RIme.

  3. I thought that was a pretty nice touch as well. And of course something about ghost pirates is just awesome. 🙂

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