#Alt Appreciation – Priest Week

This week is dedicated to one of my favourite classes, yep, it’s finally #Priest Week.

When I first started playing WoW, we spent a lot of time PvPing in the Barrens and in Hillsbrad and despite loving my Warlock, there were two Horde Shadow Priests who inspired me a lot (probably because beating them was hard). When we came to reroll on a PvP server a few months down the line because of the new battleground queues made PvPing impossible on our server, I decided that instead of making a new Warlock, I’d go for a Shadow Priest. We were leveling as a threesome and as two hybrids (Priest and Druid) and a pure dps class, we could run dungeons at the appropriate level with no problems at all without needing to find another 2 players. It varied on who tanked and who healed, for example on Princess Theradras in Maraudon my Shadow Priest tanked whilst Mr Harpy’s feral Druid healed me but it worked great. Then we hit level 54 and joined a guild who were planning on running Molten Core real soon. Next thing I knew, I was Holy/Disc to raid and haven’t really looked back.

Throughout the original game I played a Priest, only switching to a Paladin a few months into the Burning Crusade. It didn’t take me long to realize that for me at least, this was a mistake, one which I wanted to rectify as swiftly as possible and in fact started taking my Priest to more and more alt fun runs. By the time the Sunwell came out, I was tempted to go back to playing one as my main but all our Shamans quit at once siting school, drama or wanting to re-roll themselves and whilst the final choice was mine, I went for Heroism for over Circle of Healing.

When Wrath was released, I went Priest from the start and the same with Cataclysm and MoP. I might currently be flirting with a Monk but I suspect that eventually the call of the Priest will be too strong for me to ignore.


Because everyone needs at least one Gnome Priest in their lives!

Erinys as she was originally


Erinys as she is today


At some point I would like to return to her to original state because she’ll always a Priestess of Elune to me but for the moment she’s sneaking around pretending to be a Blood Elf.

General Dornröschen


Named for one of my favorite fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty which just seemed appropriate for a Forsaken Priest. I farmed rank 12 on her during the original game and she wears her title with pride. There was no botting, afking in corners or using hard core premades to get there, just lots of pvp some with friends but the vast majority just with Mr Harpy’s warrior.

There are few more Priestly skeletons hiding away on my account but these are my three main trouble causers.


2 Responses

  1. PvP was really nice back in those first days. I remember my first raids on Astranaar fondly. Ashenvale, the Barrens and Hillsbrad made for great battle fields. 🙂

    Nice that you use your old title with pride! We had some ppl in my guild (a pve guild) who got pvp ranks over 10 back in vanilla, it needed some serious dedication and hard work. I find it kinda sad that ppl can get them these days, it’s still hard but I don’t think it’s as hard and that it require as many hours. Specially rank 14. We had a rank 14 in the guild, he hardly did anything else for months. And the last weeks he PvPed all day long, probably 12-15 hours.

    • It was definitely a long slog. I quit when I did because as Priest it seemed unfair to take the weapons from warriors etc but I have to admit I was glad to step back as well.

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