I’ve just upgraded my operating system to 8.1 and whilst I was flicking around to see what had changed, I discovered this little game. It’s frustrating in parts but adorable with quests, leveling and talents as well as a good little story line written with tongue firmly in cheek.





When I first encountered these mobs, they all looked like the two sat on the ground but my thoughts of “ooh cute” lasted approximately 10 seconds, the time it took for them to launch into the air all claws and fangs.

It’s been a while since I’ve bounced around in a 2d environment attempting to put all the flora and fauna I encounter to the sword and it’s been good to rediscover just how therapeutic this can be. Will I on reaching level 10 pull out my purse to upgrade the game to one of the three options available, right now I’m not sure but based on the 5 levels I’ve played so far, the answer is probably yes. I’ve always been one for anything which enables me to bounce around in the air spinning ever so slightly out of control slaughtering things.

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  1. I’ve got to remember to look into that for my iPad for those times I’ve just got to kill something but I’m not at home, lol.

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