This much to my surprise this is my 700th post. When I started blogging back in 2008 I really didn’t expect it to last, mostly due to self esteem issues. I really thought it would be another thing that I picked up, played around with for a while, decided it was pointless and/or I sucked at it and quit. In this case though, I may have hit every other stage but the quitting, at least on a permanent basis just hasn’t happened.

Things have been pretty out of control recently what with moving house and my job which is terribly time consuming both physically and emotionally so I really haven’t felt much like writing anything at all. However with a new Guild, long cold dark nights and the fact that I have the Halloween week off work, I’m hoping to drag myself out of the rut and attack blogging and life with all the gusto of a zombie sensing brains for the first time.


There will be a to-do list (just because), there will be tears before bedtime (hopefully Goblin) and there might even be Turkish Delight vodka. I also want to go back to my roots so to speak and start blogging  about female characters, literary influences and things which involve Goblins going squish (this might not be limited to PvP). Also we can’t forget Theramore which appears to exist in a happy little bubble all of it’s own until you do that fateful scenario, hence the picture above which was taken this Hallows End by my Shaman.


10 Responses

  1. Congrats on hitting 700, and as long as my goblins are not the ones getting squished, it’s all good. /runs like hell

  2. I’m glad you’re still here and here’s to many more! And you got me hooked on Reaper, I think I’m on level 5 or 6. Had some bad moments with those wasps, lol.

    • I’m currently stuck on a wild boar, I know how to do it but just haven’t managed to execute it perfectly yet. It’s such a cute game though.

  3. Congratulations of 700 posts and enjoy your Halloween week!

  4. Turkish Delight vodka …. mmmmm .. that sounds interesting 🙂

  5. Grats on your 700th post! WoW!

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