Days 2 through 5: A Screenshot A Day

What with all the screenshot challenges floating around, I’m sort of playing catch up but here’s days 2 through 5 of Tycertank’s November “A Screenshot A Day”.

Day 2: I did this today


Cast sideways glances at the Human King, that’s what I did today. It turns out he’s quite partial to long walks on the beach, followed by a spot of slaughtering Orcs to get the blood really pumping. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but put it this way, it’s not just Hilda’s horns which waggle!!!!

Day 3: P is for


Party!!!! which is precisely what this gentleman is doing. Clearly he was so impressed by Dulca’s awesome Mistweaver DPS, he just can’t stop dancing.

Day 4: Table


Is it marginally arrogant on Blizzard’s part to have their NPCS playing Hearthstone? Maybe but I have to admit I rather like the board.

Day 5: I collect

Gnomes. Cute little Gnomes with awesome names. In fact I’m working on amassing an entire army of them so that we can put this into practice.


2 Responses

  1. Some awesome screenshots! Have to say I love the way your Night Elf is looking at Varian. 😀

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