Two Camels, a Trike and a Kite

Running Mr Harpy’s naughty Gnome Mage through Cataclysm  dungeons, I realised that I was surprising close to ticking off the elusive Ramkahen rep. In Cataclysm itself, I’d never bothered with the rep because other than the mounts it didn’t offer anything useful to me and since then, it was on the list but never anywhere near the top.

A heroic Grim Batol run later, however and that was soon rectified.



It then occurred me that I was one mount off 150 and the Jade Kite which matches my Monk’s transmogrification so obviously this needed fixing immediately. I contemplated my options, the easiest of which would have been to purchase something from the Auction house but then I remembered that I was Goblin trikeless and more importantly that I had a Goblin who was abandoned in Crossroads at level 18. So a few quests, a bit of random slaughtering, a pet battle and a good deed later*, I was richer by mount number 150.


The natural conclusion to this was of course my pretty kite which will be my flying mount of choice for at least a week. The thought of getting another 49 for the next achievement is pretty daunting though, but there are lots of profession based mounts that I’m missing plus all the RNG dungeon ones that those fickle Gods haven’t seen fit to reward me with yet.


* My Good deed


2 Responses

  1. I was just studying my mount list last night, I don’t see me getting to 200 anytime soon. I think I wore out my mount acquiring drive on that Raven Lord. After finally getting him I kind of ran out of steam.

    Looking good on that Kite!

    • Ty. I think when I come to make up my MoP bucket list, I’ll look into the mount situation and see if it’s doable without relying on rng. I suspect it’s not though. Might need to up the Goblin sacrifices.

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