IntPiPoMo – Things which Fly

The rough theme of today’s IntPiPoMothings which have taken to the air in one way or another.


#Picture 19 – Enchanted Fey Dragon selfies


#Picture 20 – This what happens when you don’t cull seagulls!!


#Picture 21 – Flying Towers


#Picture 22 – Ballooning in the sun


#Picture 23 – This used to fly

#Picture 24 – For the Horde!

#Picture 25 – Jade Dragon


#Picture 26 – Blending into the night sky

Eight days left in November and I’m only just half way. The next few days might be interestingly screenshot overloaded.

6 Responses

  1. Oh geez, okay. I’m not going to fight it anymore. Off to the store for that lovely mount, lol.

    • Yep, think they designed a winner this time. I’m not normally a fan of huge flappy mounts but this one is gorgeous. I keep getting distracted looking at the details and end up going miles out of my way. If only there was a way to pre-file your fight plan for personal mounts, that way I wouldn’t end up going Stormwind – Westfall via Raven Hill cemetery.

  2. Those are great, especially the fey dragon and Uldum ones. The ballooning is is very unique too.

    • Thanks. That’s the great thing about questing with others, you’ve got someone else to do whatever needs doing whilst you take screenshots of them doing it :p

  3. Haha, great shots! 😀 That pic of you and the seagull made me laugh! And the new mount, I’m like “aaaaawwww”!!! Need it now!

    • Thanks. I must admit I find that seagull’s size disturbing. Perhaps the Timeless Isle would more exciting if they randomly swooped down and tried to eat people.

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