Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving Sprout would like to say a few heartfelt words in thanks.


First of all to the Godmother of Alternative Chat fame (or possibly infamy depending on your stance on flying mounts on Draenor) who offered a stable and friendly home to Sprout and her associates.

Then to all those wonderful people I’ve encountered through playing WoW and through blogging about it. To Seph without whom I may well never have taken the plunge into writing on such a public medium. Also to Saga, Tome, Matty, Navi and Cymre who were some of my first readers and commentators when I finally managed to go public. I suffer rather badly from anxiety and to say my self esteem is low would be an understatement. Recently in particular things have been extremely bad, to the point where I’ve struggled to do anything socially at all because I’ve felt the “mask” is paper thin, that everyone else can see the flaws within. Just knowing there are people out there within the blogging community who don’t think I’m total waste of space helps and so thank you again to all of you, readers, commentators, lurkers and ships which pass in the night. Prinnie also warrants a special mention because no matter how bad I’m feeling, her posts can usually manage to raise a smile so thank you (and believe me, it’s hard for Sprout to thank Goblins!).

I also want to thank Amerance for hosting the first Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving two years ago which was the catalyst behind my twitter account and I’ve learnt so much from twitter (including the fact that you can lick your own nipple*).Thanksgiving-turkey-2

Thank you also to Mr Harpy who has the patience of a saint for putting up with me, even if he is a photo bombing bouncy green haired pest.

In closing, words can’t quite express just how grateful I am to each and everyone one of you. Thank you once more.

*I’ve been told this is common knowledge, clearly I skipped all the interesting classes at school.

22 Responses

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful posts you do for us! I know, I think that first Thanksgiving event was the the push I needed so I’m really grateful to Amerance! Oh my, that must have killed Sprout to thank a Goblin, she must be heartfelt then.

    • t’s weird, I thought that joining twitter would be a temporary thing. I’d be there for Thanksgiving and then I’d delete my account… hmm that worked well. Thank you for all your posts, your art and your kind words over the last couple of years.

  2. I concur: I am very thankful to you, your writing, and support. I know about those little dark thoughts, too, my dear friend. We need to work on a worthwhile banishing spell once and for all. Much gratitude, and let’s just keep moving forward: Winter Solstice is almost here!

    • My Great Grandmama used to make a green man to keep the sadness out of the house. He’d stay in the garden all winter and then be burnt in the spring/summer to bring luck. Perhaps next year, I should give it a go.

  3. It’s funny how this was the event that flung a few of us into blogisphere three years ago and another priest at that!

    • Yep, one of those leap of faith things we priests are meant to be so good at.

    • This is Amerpriest, I really appreciate all your kind words and that I am very thankful to all of you that this event brought all bloggers together which is one of the great reasons for this event for. Thank you thank you thank you again! I love you all! and please continue to support each other. /hugs! Im all touched by your kind words ❤

  4. Well no worries about some of us enjoying your blog…I actually nominated you for an award but forgot to say anything. *blushes* I may’ve been quiet but i have enjoyed so many of your posts so thought I’d finally suck it up & find the courage to say thank you so much for the great pictures & great reads…you do a great job at both. *smiles*

  5. I was thinking what Cymre was thinking – all of my friends from blogging all came from that Thanksgiving event 2 years ago! I love reading your blog (and all your family stories too outside WoW) and I didn’t know you were with Godmother – that’s a wonderful titbit to know!

    • Indeed I’m one of her lackeys :p Although at the moment I’m not much use because I’m too insecure to raid. Hoping that improves moving into the next year but I’m not holding out much hope at this precise minute in time but then that could be a symptom.

  6. I just wanted to pop in here too and say thank you for blogging. I always really enjoy reading your posts, and you take some absolutely gorgeous screenshots!

    • Thanks. I spend far too much time taking pictures in game I think. Have to pause first and grab a shot before engaging. Drives Mr Harpy nuts I think which is why I have so many pictures with a bouncing Gnome in them.

  7. Well thanks! Glad to know I can still bring a smile to the proceedings, even if there are goblins involved. 😀

    • Actually from now on I’m going to go out of my way to be nice to Goblins (and no that’s not a euphemism for killing them in painful and amusing ways either). Since I posted this my first primal egg dropped (ok, I haven’t been exactly farming them but..), I got the blue crab mini pet from the Timeless Isle, the Ghost pirates gave me my last burden of eternity I needed for my Monk’s gear and I got a flawless magic stone to turn my grey floating book into a blue. Could be coincidence or perhaps those fickle Gods of RNG are Goblin……

  8. I really do enjoy your writing, even if my commenting has been sadly lacking lately (trying to get better, both at writing and commenting, again). Yours is one of the blogs I always come back to and read 🙂

    And I’ll be honest.. I had no idea that nipple thing was common knowledge *lol* I guess you learn something new every day!

  9. Hi hon,

    Thank you for participating this year Blogazeroth thanksgiving event again. I really appreciate everyone for joining and reading it. I also enjoy each and everyones efforts and thoughts in their blog posts to all that i followed since the beginning though i lost some of them as they already retired. Im still very grateful of the current bloggers now. so Thank you all! and I love you all! ❤

    • Oh sorry i commented under my real life blog account in wordpress. because for some reason my blogger doesnt accept my comment. so i use this one instead. this is Amerence by the way lol ❤

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