My Garrison Wishlist

The WoW Insider Breakfast topic a couple of days ago asked what we’d like to see in our Garrisons and as it happens, I have quite a list.

1. A Garden

I don’t just mean somewhere to plant herbs and cabbages but a proper garden, a place for relaxation and reflection. Dulca is a herbalist and a botanist at heart and would love an area to show off her exotic plants. Bonsai from the Jade Forest and swamp-like plants from Isle of Giants, twisted ferns and poisonous berries. Just think of all the possibilities, the Stratholme Lily (the off-hand you buy from the dungeon) could be planted and grow into something like this:


Merchants could have either seeds or strange little plants on them and players could customize their gardens to suit their characters. Rogues and Undeads in general might want twisted poisonous plants whereas Healers might to want to grow healing herbs. Perhaps as a herbalist bonus, whenever you pick herbs, you might have a chance to get a plantable version which would flower in your garden every day, allowing you a quick and easy source of materials for flasks.

2. The ability to customize properly.

That to me at least was the biggest letdown with the farm. When it was first introduced, I wanted to be able to pick furnishings and bits and pieces for it. I love the fact that each friend you make gives you an new addition, for example Dulca has finally got pigs on hers but I feel it could have been expanded more. Why can’t we add items that we acquire on our travels, for example this:


It could also be handy as a method of showing off the various items we get from archaeology. The wind chimes could hang in a window for example

3. I’m also hoping for these:


Having somewhere quiet to practice whenever you change spec or level a new character can be priceless.

4. A Proper Stable

One in which you can have some mounts out and about at all times so you can show guests the pride of your collection as well as feel that you don’t just have all these poor creatures stuck in a void in the twisting nether until you need them.


The kennel would be a massive bonus and one I’d adore.

5. A cosy fire side nook

Most of all, though, I want something like this:


Somewhere I can sit by the fire after a long day slaughtering Orcs with my faithful hound and my books and a good Dalaran Red to relax. Somewhere there aren’t any Nightelfs taking off their clothes unless I’ve invited in them and no one is mentioning dirges, just peace and quiet.


10 Responses

  1. I’d just like to second ALL of this. Especially the garden. That would be amazing. Even if it served absolutely no practical function but just looked pretty (and could be customized), I would love the heck out of that. And Seish wants that stable.

  2. i’ll go ahead and third of all of this 🙂

  3. I like all these ideas but most especially the stable where I could have out some of my mounts. It’s such a shame I never get to see some of them. It would be nice if they could graze and look pretty!

    • I wonder if the Dragons would eat the Horses? Obviously not the Felsteeds because they are clearly poisonous and would give terrible heartburn.

  4. I love these! Especially the training dummy. I’d like a private place to practice. And a stable to visit with my mounts, a fire to cuddle with my pets… yes yes yes.

    • Thanks 🙂 I rarely play dps but when I do, the public humiliation of the target dummies annoys me. Even when you just want a quick dps spec for grinding something, you have several “helpful” types explaining how you could do it better but if we had our own….

      • I don’t even go near the public target dummies. I don’t need to know how badly I do, especially with other people watching. LOL But in private, I’d actually enjoy getting to figure out just what all these buttons I’m mashing actually do…

  5. […] was a WoW Insider Breakfast Topic a while back and I read about it in a post called My Garrison Wishlist on the Harpy’s Nest the other day which made me think what I would like to have in my […]

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