What the future holds for Vereesa and Jaina: Idle Speculation time

So Aggra isn’t getting to go on the big time traveling adventure but what about Jaina and Vereesa Windrunner?

Garrosh effectively took everything from them. You can’t be a ruler with no one to rule, when your citadel lies in broken ruins and your people are nothing more than dust on the wind. Without a husband, you are no longer a wife.


Wouldn’t it make sense then for them to lead the Alliance efforts on Draenor. Not only would they balance out the War”lords” of the Horde but they might even manage to find a sort of peace or at least resolution under Draenor’s sun. After all, what exactly do they have at home other than empty memories? The Night Elves have been hit hard by Orcish incursions into Ashenvale and Tyrande’s place therefore should be at home helping her people recover. Ditto for Varian, campaigns abroad have hurt the local populace badly and surely allowing the future heir to the throne to be bouncing around in a different time is asking for disaster (after all Pandaria showed he doesn’t have a great deal of self preservation). I can’t imagine any of the Council of the three Hammers volunteering because their absence would create a vacuum and the Gnome King doesn’t appear to count. Velen should be around but he seems more of a back seat driver than someone who wishes to be out on the front lines so there would definitely be space for them to take a leading role.

At the heart of it when guilt is so absolute, there is little difference between Justice’s stone sword and heavy scales and Revenge’s blade in the back, her parting shot laced with poison. Sisters under the skin those two and you don’t need to be a Frost Mage to understand that revenge (or justice) is a dish best served cold. Surely nothing on Azeroth would be able to stop them going in pursuit of Garrosh to stop him causing any further mischief.

It would also allow Blizzard to tie in Alleria’s return. Perhaps the reason we never found her and Turalyon when we went to Outland was because somehow they were pulled back into the past and another time line. The Windrunner Sisters versus Garrosh could be a headline event that even some of the most jaded WoW players would be queuing up to see. Plus in an Orc-centric expansion, an Orc hater like Alleria surely belongs on the front line boosting morale.


From a story perspective this would make sense and allow for interesting developments and potential confrontations. Would Alleria and Vereesa fall into each others arms? How would Sylvanas feel about her missing sister being alive and well? Could a family reunion be on the cards? Would it bring further change to the dynamic of the Horde? It would more than likely change Jaina’s feelings towards Vereesa if she expressed an interest in starting a relationship with Sylvanas again with Alleria as a cataclyst and right now, Jaina seems to need all the friends she can get. Once again she is walking down a fine and dangerous line and perhaps this is the change she needs. A line from the Benediction quest has remained firmly stuck in my mind, one which would apply so well in this situation:

I never stated that you were here to redeem yourself, priestess. You are here to redeem me and the innocents murdered while trying to escape Stratholme. My spirit and the spirit of those lost are bound here, cursed to endlessly relive our own tragic deaths.

It’s too late for her to do anything about the people of Theramore but maybe in each Draenei life she saves, she could find some redemption and passing peace. Hopefully this would also stop Blizzard having to write a “possessed by the ghost of Arthas, random angry Dragon, Old God or other evil creature” story line in the future to explain her actions and Jaina could return to relative normality, possibly by falling into another doomed relationship.

4 Responses

  1. You and I were thinking about similar things…thank you for this great post.

  2. I was pretty devastated when i read the book. I didn’t expect what happened to Rhonin. I was casually running Ulduar over the weekend and picked up a quest item to hand into Rhonin in Dalaran and I felt a little sad. I know he’s there, but at the same time he’s not really. I certainly hope Blizzard doesn’t just leave them to one side. I’d like to see some sort of closure for them.

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