Cross Faction Conversations

Warning: Bad Language ahead.

The other night I was minding my own business popping on and off different characters when I noticed I had a pending battle net friend request.


Now previous to logging my latest lowbie Druid I had helped Mr Harpy once in a 2 v 2 against a Mage and Death Knight, both of whom out geared his little Fire Mage and both of whom were in Dun Morogh. I then logged onto another character to continue faffing around with my alt collection.

My issue with this is as follows. Blizzard doesn’t allow us to speak the same languages in an attempt to cut angry communications between the factions and yet this rather upset player just had to click on my character to whisper me this  abusive message. I know I’m especially sensitive at the moment as my depression is staging a rather determined coup d’etat but why should I have to read the rantings of a complete stranger who apparently wished to engage in world pvp and than decided that they didn’t without them having to go through the hassle of making a lv 1 character on my server, logging in, escaping the start video, putting me on ignore to stop any return comments I may wish to make and then typing out an essay on why I suck. Now I know that plenty of pvp heroes do exactly that as illustrated by exhibit A below:


This charming missive was sent to Mr Harpy by a Lv 90 Deathknight who he encountered killing level 12s in Westfall but why make it easier for everyone to throw their toys out of the pram.

I would much rather that you could indicate that you wished to become “friends” with someone and then they had to accept either out of curiosity or because they knew who you were before chatting was allowed. I’m sure there are lots of friendly messages passed back and forwards this way but it only takes a few people spewing hatred (this is one of the “nicer”messages the two of us have received) to ruin what was meant to be fun pvp and your night playing WoW.

Failing that, let us learn other languages properly. I would imagine a proper epic quest chain with lots of random wandering around Azeroth, collecting of weird ingredients, single person scenarios and much reading of dusty tomes (probably the sort which spawn angry ghosts) before you mysteriously understood what the other faction was saying.

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  1. Wow, that’s a really rude use of the battle tag friend request. It’s such a shame ppl can’t be polite. 😦

    I guess the plus side is that they can only do it once. And you can report it, right?

    • Dunno. I’ve reported lots of people for all sorts of abuse over the years but nothing has ever happened to either of them and cos I was so taken aback, I didn’t actually try, I just declined the invite.

  2. That’s absolutely terrible that person was able to send you a message like that. I never even thought about that being a way to communicate. I don’t PvP because of the toxic environment. When someone tells me something negative, it definitely effects my game play for the rest of the day. Hopefully this is something they will look into someday and change a few things involving friend requests/messaging.

    • I must admit I thought that I’d seen pretty much all the toxic behaviour the PvP community was capable of. Turns out I can still be surprised 😦

  3. I’ve experienced exactly the same thing many times. Last time was in the Barrens when I was killing mobs for the daily quests which used to be there and some guy from another realm started writing rude words to me and I couldn’t even reply because I got a message saying “player doesn’t exist” or something, and I couldn’t put him on ignore, so he kept writing to me for no reason and it ruined my mood and that evening. I try not to care, but sometimes I can’t. I wish only my friends and guildies could write to me and I’m so getting an addon which blocks low levels from writing to you and I’m not accepting any friend requests without knowing who it is.

  4. I agree, I don’t see how cross faction talk could be any worse than the talk that goes on between our own. I see stuff like this and wonder who are this people? Is this a seemingly normal person in real life or are they letting maximum security prison inmates play wow.

    • Anonymity has it’s downsides. It’s like my Mother-in-law who gets road rage would never scream abuse or make rude gestures to a stranger’s face if they bumped into her on the pavement but behind the wheel…..

  5. But I personally keep going back to this one simple, pure, and extremely powerful truth: we are writers. And the world is our tablet. Take that, See You Next Tuesday asshat! And seriously, do these dweebs not know who they are messing with? One slight flick of the wrist and he will suffer pimples on his …..nethers, and halitosis on first dates for the rest of his life. Careful, Sir Battletag Assholiness, be very….very….careful.

    • I thought about deleting the names and then I thought… “Nope. If they wants to name call, then why should I hide their identity!”. Boils would be good, the purple plum like sort but my Mother tells me I shouldn’t curse people cos I’d feel guilty if it came true (shows how well she knows me).

  6. I’d never experienced this until a few weeks ago when farming Ghost Iron. I was on my Belf Warlock and noticed an alliance character fighting near a vein, so I waited til they were done and were going for the vein themselves before I went for it. I got a battle tag friends request from them saying thanks for waiting, and I was quite surprised as I didn’t realise you could click on a person from the opposing factions portrait and add them. Whilst my experience wasn’t negative, I can see how it can easily be abused.

    • And that’s the problem. Would be lovely if it was just used for happy fluffy conversations and I think it would be a shame if it was removed but I just hate the horrible messages.

  7. Rude. I use btag only for good!

  8. Is there a Nobel Prize for the discovery of a new form of online dickery?

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