Thoughts on Hearthstone

I set out to download the open Beta with one thought in my head, to prove to myself that I didn’t see the point in a digital card game and that I would absolutely hate it and no doubt delete it five minutes after installing. Things didn’t quite work out as planned. I wouldn’t say I’m Hearthstone’s greatest fan, far from it in fact but I did enjoy playing it.


I love the boards to the point where I’m seriously tempted to pick my favourite and paint it onto the top of an old cupboard. I just can’t decide whether I should go Alliance Pride


or celebrate the beauty of Pandaria.


The tutorial was extremely handy for talking you through the basics (which I definitely needed) and I thought starting with the Mage deck and everyone’s favourite mage was a great touch although I would have preferred a few more female decks, Tyrande or Sylvanas for example or perhaps even Alleria since we’re heading back to Draenor soon.


I might not have managed to beat Garrosh in-game but in Hearthstone….. he went down easy.



Why oh why is the Priest deck represented by Anduin? That boy is just bad news, look at what happened to his guardians for example, set on fire by Dragons before being turned into the Lich King and being beaten up by raid groups not only in the original game but also in Wrath and Cataclysm.

I might be doing it completely wrong but sometimes it’s just plain irritating especially when you’re at 10 crystals but keep pulling cards costing 1. The fact that a certain Druid keeps kicking my ass isn’t helping either. Healing for 8 really shouldn’t be allowed although I keep being told Fire Mages can’t beat Feral Druids at the moment any way so maybe I need to take him on with a deck which isn’t Jaina.

Would I pay cold hard cash for Hearthstone? I don’t think so as it’s really not my cup of tea any more than say Diablo turned out to be but I’m glad I tried it and properly wasted a number of hours playing around smashing in faces.

6 Responses

  1. I’m with you. I tried it for a few hours, and found it mildly entertaining. But I don’t think I will do anything more than dabble every once in a while.

  2. All I’ve heard about Hearthstone so far is very posetive, so nice with a more balanced review of the game. It actually makes me want to test it for myself even more.

    Usually I like to wait untill a game is done before I play it (i.e. I tend to skip the betas). But I’m so curious about this game that I’m thinking about testing it even though it’s “only” at a beta stage.

  3. You know I didn’t think I would like it and then I did. And then I did the daily where you are matched with three real people. I haven’t been back since. I was completely demoralized. If I play again it will only be against the AI who is apparently as stupid as I am, lol.

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