What Makes a House feel like a Home?

Reading WoWinsider earlier whilst playing around with screenshots, the answer to this question came to me in a flash of inspiration.

If you could add any one thing to your Garrison that would make it truly feel like “home” to your character, what would it be?

I want customizable options, mounts displayed in the stables, my own four poster bed and a kennel with a little bowl outside sure but I’d sacrifice all that for the ability to hang up screenshots of friends and guildmates in my own private place. The walls of my house are hung with pictures of those I love (and those I happen to share a blood tie with). There is Mr Harpy holding a crocodile and my Mother aged 5 hanging out a beach with attitude. There is me at my cousin’s christening clutching the baby like he’s my newest doll side by side with assorted friends and family. On my phone I have my niece dressed up as a Disney Princess and my colleagues drunkenly doing the conga. We have album after album of photographs because they hold locked with their inks so many precious memories so why can’t that be recreated in our garrisons.

I could understand Blizzard not necessarily wanting to upload all 10 000 ish of my screenshots so there would have to be a limit or possibly the addition of a small camera into the game interface which would allow you to take shots like this one:


Possibly it would only be available at certain times, i.e. after boss kills or when you get an achievement although that might limit your ability to take shots of friends. I would prefer the ability to upload edited shots to a certain size but I suspect some experimenting would have to be done.

Basically I want personal pictures of my friends, guild-mates, pets and mounts to make my garrison feel like home as opposed to some functional building that I’ll abandon half way through the expansion when the novelty wears off and I get tired of living in a box.

(No I’m not demanding or anything).

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  1. That’s such a great idea. It’s probably tricky to do technically. But it would really make it feel like home. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m totally ignoring the boring technical bit but Mr Harpy (who writes software for a living albeit for the oil industry rather than for games) thinks it’s probably doable and probably is good enough for me :p

  2. I love the idea of being able to decorate our Garrison with screenshots of memorable moments. I hope something like that gets implemented! *crosses fingers and toes*

  3. That’s such a wonderful idea, I would love that. I know they have a lot on their plate right now but maybe in a patch? I’m crossing my fingers too!

    • Failing this, they better at least allow us to pick our favourites from among Azeroth’s art work to hang up. I want that reclining lady who looks like Wonder woman and the Forsaken version of American Gothic and I’m to steal them from Undercity if needs be.

  4. What a great idea! I’d love that too!!

    It made me think of how in the Sims 2 (and probably 3) you could mod the “wall paintings” files to have your own photos. I loved doing that when I was younger. I hope that’s not too hard for Blizz to implement!

    • Thanks. Remembering what I saw sprayed on the wall whilst playing first person shooters, now I’m thinking that pictures would need to be taken and uploaded in-game.

  5. If they did that, I would be more excited about garrisons. I’m not terribly enthusiastic about the idea now as it stands. But then, I couldn’t get into the farm thing either, so i suppose this isn’t a surprise.

    • Whether I like it will stand or fall on the customisational side I think. If my garrison looks like Mr Harpy’s garrison which looks like random Alliance guy’s garrison then I suspect my interest will wane pretty fast.

  6. What a great idea! 🙂 I can think of so many moments that would be awsome up on the wall!

  7. It’s understandable that you’d want to make your garrison so personal, after all, it is for us (and to show off to friends). I still think we should be able to store our knick-knacks like souvenirs on the mantle, etc.

    • Oh definitely. I want it ALL!!!!!! Four poster bed, wreath over the mantle piece, blazing fire in the hearth, candle sticks, mantid lamps in the corner, statue of some Gnoll I killed stuffed by the window :p

  8. Oh! I would love the ability to hang up screenshots on the walls! 😀
    But I think it’s hard to pick just one thing, because there is so much I’d want in my garrison. I’m not sure if the screenshot thing will be possible… But I hope we’ll be able to see our tabards, armor and maybe some special achievements as trophies.

    • I think that’s why Blizzard are potentially going to struggle to get it right because the list of what we want is so vast, making sure that even a small percentage is on it will be hard.

      Having given it some more thought, I’d use the same sort of mechanics as the spyglass, i.e. you zoom in, it hides the buttons automatically and then puts a generic sepia wash over the result.

  9. I still have the pic of my Wintersaber Kitteh’s first toy in my bank… ❤

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