And the Wolf wore Red

I’ve been faffing around attempting to find a reason to level my baby Worgen Druid who despite having a back story I’m happy with is hindered by the small issue of her Worgenness.


Jstmel is holding a colour themed transmogrification contest and February comes in as the red month, all rosy cheeks and warm scarlet mittens.  Now red and wolves go hand in hand, everyone who has read Little Red Riding Hood can attest to that so I thought that perhaps I could combine the two and that item farming would give me a reason to inch her towards 90. Playing around until I found an outfit worth leveling for didn’t actually take long at all but I’m pretty sure this won’t be my entry as it’s not particularly red.


I hadn’t noticed blossoming rain poppies on the staff until they bloomed under my nose in MogIt. From that point forward I was sold, this staff was a massive definite.

Mentzelia my little Moonflower will be 90 before we all go sauntering back into the past and that’s a promise.


9 Responses

  1. She looks lovely! I didn’t know there were blooming petals on that staff! I had trouble playing my Worgen until I turned down the sound. She obviously has sinus problems or a bad case of permanent sniffles poor girl.

    • That’s definitely one aspect of the Worgen which annoy me. The fact that hats look almost uniformly terrible on them doesn’t help either.

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE this combination of robe, shoulders, and staff! One or another of my leather-wearing characters may have to steal, er, borrow the idea. 😉

  3. Nice job and you used my absolute favourite headpiece.

  4. […] belt, Robes of Summer Flame, Marshseeker Gloves, Rain Poppy Staff I borrowed this lovely kit from Erinys’ Worgen Druid, Mentzelia, who I hope will indeed succeed in getting to level 90 and wearing this outfit herself before […]

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