Running Dungeons – The Way my Mind Works

One of the joys of leveling 5 mans with just your other half means that you have time to stop and look at the scenery with an angry tank running off and pulling eight packs at once (that’s my job with starfall!). However running dungeons has given me more questions than answers.

Why isn’t astronomy a WoW profession?


I imagine this is meant to be Elune and her son Cenarius (it’s not majestic enough to be Malorne) but there must be thousands of constellations up there and just like archaeology, different constellations could relate to different races. Perhaps telling stories, letting us learn more about the lore behind our characters and of course there would be vanity items. I mean who wouldn’t want their own mini Azeroth floating behind them,


a smaller version of this complete with circling moons.

Not enough is made of the iconic boss lines in WoW. I raided with the same guild for much of TBC, Wrath and the start of Cataclysm and certain yells became almost part of the boss killing ritual. I mean who can forget “Come closer … and burn!” or “Ra-ak! Yes, Trinkets, Pretty trinkets”. I would so love a mini Arakkoa who yelled that from time to time. Not to mention the fact that we couldn’t kill anything post Thorim without someone yelling “I remember you….”.

Why can’t we have battle pet versions of these?


I mean they show up all over the place in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Why isn’t Erin Havenfire in the Culling of Stratholme instance? Everyone else at all relating to Stratholme from Little Pamela to Hearthsinger Forresten is there, alive and happy so why not her?

Why can’t we have battle pets like these? Tiny little bugs caught in spun strands which sparkle in the sunlight. Also wtb more bug infested dungeons. There is something stunning about them and they don’t get run enough.


Finally sometimes you find Beauty in the most unexpected places.


4 Responses

  1. And if they made Astronomy a profession, they’d have to bring back real night! 😀

  2. I also love finding and looking for the little details in dungeons. When i first started playing wow so many years ago, i would get so excited that i could sit in the little chairs in inn’s.

    • Me too. The biggest “ooh” factor for me when I started out was the Deep run tram. I used to ride back and forth just watching Nessie.

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