A Wandering Warlock Enters

To live in hearts we leave behind         
      Is not to die.

Hallowed Ground by Thomas Campbell


So the Godmother suggested a thing which resonated me with. For reasons I haven’t quite managed to pin down yet, I don’t like the idea of a boosted character. I think that a part of my issue is that characters gain personality and history from their possessions as they progress from level 1 to 90 but it goes deeper than that.

To go back to the beginning in the truest sense required me to roll a Warlock of some sort which tied in a with a project of my own that I’d considered but not started. Dorrie the little Witch is the hero of a series of children’s books which I adored as a little girl. It’s a combination of the illustrations and that sense of untidiness, of trying hard in an adult world where the rules seem to flex so you’re always on the wrong side of them and of course her constant companion, Gink the cat which sucked me in.


So Dorrie the little Warlock was born. Her transmogrifications will of course involve pointy hats and her leveling might be more of a meandering journey than a straight forward path from A to B but I’m sure she might manage to restore my flagging WoW spirits. Following in the footsteps of those who have gone before, I will try and emulate (as much as I can remember) my original Warlock’s road across Azeroth. I know Darkshore was definitely on the list and so was Redridge but other than that, I’ll have to piece together what I can from the screenshots which remain. I might even not bother purchasing flying on her to experiment with having to ride everywhere and after all, Felsteeds are creatures of beauty. The goal isn’t necessarily 90 but to explore, to wander and rediscover that sense of wonder. 

7 Responses

  1. I look forward to reading about her journey. It’ll be especially interesting if you do the non-flying… to see how that works out in practice 🙂

  2. The best thing about places like Timeless Isle are they give my Warlocks a chance to ride their beautiful mounts.

    Yeah, the journey’s the fun part for me so boosting through is not a great perk for me. My free boost is going to my Horde Druid who’s leveling to 60 right now for the profession boost. Now that I do like!

    • Having given it some thought, I think that’s what I’ll boost. Either an awesome looking female Orc or possibly a Troll Druid but mostly likely be Horde.

  3. This is something I’m definitely going to keep an eye on. Most intrigued by the possibilities!

    • Did the new Gnome zone quests to start with and had never done them properly before so even if she only makes level 10, she’s shown me something new already. Would definitely recommend.

      • Indeed, I took Semblance through there when she came out of Gnomer. I wanted the Warrior-only Lightsaber that the Trainer gives for a quest, so I finished off the mini-zone just to see it through.

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