Moonkin Marmite

The Druid forms seem to have the same effect on people as marmite, you either love them or hate them.

Mentzelia had only just hit level 25 and purchased her first glyph when she was /spat on for choosing to glyph out of Moonkin form. Now I don’t deny this was a deliberate choice made for a couple of reasons. Firstly Moonkin form is too big and ungainly for me. I hate getting stuck in doorways and in pvp in particular, being a massive feathery chicken means you’ve got a 10 foot target painted over your head which I’m sure works for some people but personally I prefer the sneaky sneaky approach. I also dislike the fact that Moonkin form at say level 15 and Moonkin form at level 90 are exactly the same, there is no ability to customise or change your look. Every Worgen Moonkin regardless of level, of whether they are playing a male Worgen or a female one looks exactly the same and in a game which has given us transmogrification not to mention so many choices of gear to play with, that’s just annoying.


I’m fine with cat* and bear form but have never bonded with either Moonkin or Treeform. I suspect that’s because when I first rolled a Druid neither existed and I was used to seeing myself as caster whenever I popped up to heal or to root.

I also really dislike the new stag form as a travel form, mostly because due to it’s size, it feels like I’m running in slow motion. It’s just a shame that the cheetah can’t give rides because having people leap on your back whilst escaping conflict in PvP can be both useful and amusing.

Anyway, I’m curious. What do the rest of you Druids think? Is glyphing glittery stars to hide your chicken a crime? Should I be embracing my inner glyph of the Treant?

* I was actually really sorry to see the original Tauren cat form bite the dust. There was something about it’s awkwardness which just made it cute.

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  1. I’m not really fond of the boomchicken form so I can’t really say I blame you. But then again, as much as I love some of the drake mounts…I like maneuverability more, so I can sympathize.

    Besides, just think of all the VISIBLE transmog you could do for Mentz. Nope, don’t blame you at all.

    • I think transmog definitely helped cement my feelings towards Moonkin form. Without out, those transition from one season’s gear to another’s might have had me owling it up.

  2. I have to be honest, I am one of those druids that glyphs out of it. I don’t mind moonkin form a bit–I have quit happily been a chicken for several years.

    However, with Mists of Pandaria came a feature so many of us had always wanted–the ability to stay in moonkin form while mounted. And I have to say, this particular QoL change has been awesome. But the first time I saw my moonkin form on one of my smaller mounts (I use a mount macro to randomize my ground mount choices), I hated it. It looked disproportionate and weird. From that day to this, I’ve been using Glyph of Stars quite happily.

    • Between levels 20 and 25, I experimented wildly with Moonkin form and mounts. I particularly liked the mechanostriders and the riding cranes with a giant Owlkin sat on the back. With the latter especially it looked like their poor skinny legs were about to give away at any minute.

  3. Catwyn the Druid thinks it’s fine to glyph out of Moonkin, now if it were kitty form, that would be different!

  4. My Druid is Balance because I wanted to be a Moonkin. I’ve only used the glyph briefly, when I had a mog that I was really proud of. I’m considering using the glyph with my current “Rain Poppy” mog that you designed, but have been to lazy to actually do it yet. That said, I certainly don’t look down upon those who choose to use the glyph full-time!

  5. I glyph out of it, too. My cow is pretty and she wants to be seen!

    • Yes! Plus that faint glow with an added extra sprinkle of stardust highlights their prettiness (or in my Worgen’s case makes her look like a startled chihuahua covered in glitter glue).

  6. I did glyph out for a while,, but I alot of the time when fighting I couldnt tell If I had popped out of Moonkin or not. Went back to the chicken

    • That’s the one thing that annoys me about it. In intense PvP in particular, if I’ve had to go cat or bear, sometimes I forget to go back into form for a few seconds (once or twice for a few minutes).

  7. I do wish there were more options for Moonlin as regards race – Worgen and nelf look the same to me. Of my two Druid characters – the nelf is balance and uses the glyph (particularly suits a female nelf), while the worgen is feral and doesn’t use Moonlin form (but would if could)

  8. Never used the glyph. I actually like playing druid because of the multiple forms, so yes, I do have Treantfom-glyph. But, tbh, when not in a fight, I am mostly in caster-form.

    • Despite being Resto on my Nelf and Balance on my worgen, out of combat, my default on both is catform… which is just plain weird really.

  9. Can’t say I’m a fan of the moonkin form at all, though I prefer horde form over alliance form because it seems a bit more colourful. I don’t use the glyph much though because I tend to forget I’ve used something that has broken me out of moonkin form and spend the rest of the time dps’ing in normal form. I really can’t stand being moonkin form on a mount though – it looks ridiculous in my opinon.
    The treant form I don’t mind that much – but I only use it everynow and again when I want to look a bit different – or when I want to be a burning tree and stand in a camp fire.

    • I need some sort of “idiot” button to yell in my face, “Not in Moonkin form chicken!!” or something similar. Getting marginally better on the going from Moonkin, cat and back to Moonkin but definitely room for improvement.

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