Long Weekend Away – Photo Heavy Post

This is totally not a WoW post although I’ll be happy if my Garrison ends up resembling a few of these castles in their heyday.  Mr Harpy and I have just returned from an idyllic couple of days away wandering around in the great outdoors and these are a few of the pictures we took in the process.

Edzell Castle



Falls of Feugh



Drum Castle



I never thought I’d end up saying this but now I love wandering around the walled gardens far more than I do clambering up spiral staircases and staring wide eyed at suits of armour. The walled gardens at Drum really are beautiful especially as you have to wander through a wonderful wild area before you find the wall with the wrought iron gate set it in.



Crathes Castle







If you’re ever passing through Scotland, I’d definitely recommend stopping off this way and taking a look for yourselves.

11 Responses

  1. Lovely pics! I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland it looks so awesome. My Dad grew up there ’til he was 10 or so but he’s never gone back – so no exciting family adventures. The castles all look amazing & panda’s at Edinburgh Zoo!!!

    • It’s definitely worth a visit. I love the brutal beauty of the moors, especially when offset with the elegance of the castles and their courtly gardens.

  2. So much pretty! Thank you for sharing a bit of your travels with us!

  3. Breathtaking – thank you! May I have your permission to use one for a writing prompt?

  4. […] Transmog Contest, (oh my dear sweet baby murlocs there are some amazing ensembles)! And check out Erinys’ photographs of the real world which are as enchanting as any fantasy. We are blessed with beautiful […]

  5. Looks like you made good use of your time away. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Great photos! Thank you for sharing.

    Is it sad that when I first looked at Edzell Castle I said to myself, “I could TOTALLY design that in Landmark.”?

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