I shall ride Midnight


Apparently Attumen does drop a mount after all… After so many Karazhan runs I’ve lost count those fickle Gods of RNG decided that I should be rewarded for my persistence. Now I think I need a suitably “midnight” ensemble perhaps with flashes of red to match.

22 Responses

  1. Congrats!!!

  2. Grats 😀

  3. OMG! So it really does exist! Congratulations!

    • Yep. Still surprised though because I must have killed him so many times and never ever saw it drop before now. Not even when we were raiding Karazhan every week.

  4. Huzzah! Grats on your good fortune, at long last 😀

  5. Ooh, grats! That’s exciting!

  6. Congratulations on finally getting the drop! I love that mount. Think my favorite part is that it has fangs. Horse with fangs, yes please. (I’m weird.)

    • I suspect that with us being grounded on Draenor, he might get quite a few outings. Got to love horses even those with fiery hooves.

  7. Gratz! He’s lovely. I’m sure you’ll come up with a great nog to match it 🙂

  8. So great! About time!!

  9. Nice, congrats!

  10. Definitely grats! And thanks for reminding me to log into game this second to get a shot at my own! 😀

  11. Yay grats Erinys 🙂 always when you least expect it.

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